FIFA Non Slag Cup – Tournament Sign Up Open

The Non Slag Cup makes a return to AG for next months FIFA tournament. The set up will see members using teams rated between 1.5 and 2 star, this will be determined by numbers that take part. Group stage to start with then onto a knock-out stage to decide the Non Slag Champion. Rules are ..

AbsoluteGaming’s 2nd Year Birthday Bash

Next month will see AG celebrate its 2nd birthday. Since the birth of the site in 2009 we have gone from strength to strength, offering our members more and more in terms of features and events. To celebrate this landmark we have put together a package of prizes that can be won by all members ..

Weekly Update

Hello folks Just a quick pm with your regular update for whats coming this week on AG. We will kick this weeks PM off with the Thursday Night F1 Final! Last weeks event was a huge success and Emotionalworm tied with Aaronc333 on the night. There was an Ooooo moment as well when oKid UKo ..

Another Busy Week Ahead

Hey guys, Im back again to remind of whats coming up on AG. Im sure you are all aware of the Auctions and the Leagues. As you know, auctions have already kicked off. If youre not in a league…..this article will definitely help in planning on how to get in. So, Lets get cracking…… This ..

This Week on Absolute Gaming

Im back again folks, with this weeks round up of whats just happened and whats happening in terms of events.Yesterday saw the kick off to a new season Speed League on Fifa 12…If youve signed up, every one plays everyone else once in the league and there are no fixtures to wait for release. Details ..

Calling All F1 2011 Gamers

Hello there fellow gamers, by reading this I’m guessing and hoping you own/plan to take part in some of our upcoming F1 2011 events. We’ll have two separate long running events; the main Grand Prix nights and weekly Time Trials. All of which are now on our calendar which you can find in the forum. ..

Eurogamer Expo – A Quick Overview

  As most of you know fully well by now, I was able to attend the Eurogamer Expo in Earls Court on Sunday 25th of September. As a writer for Absolute Gaming, I was privileged enough to get a free Press Pass, meaning that all I had to pay for was the expense to get ..

A New Week On Absolute Gaming…

  …..and with new games out and coming out, theres plenty coming up to keep you occupied right here on Absolute Gaming! Hi Guys, AG Kaz updating you on whats on the way from your favourite website. As you all know, we had a busy weekend just gone with the F1 2011 warm up event ..

More Events on AG

  Hi guys, Back again with a review of whats coming…..and we certainly do have alot on the way especially over the next 2 weeks or so. First we will kick off on Tuesday (tomorrow) with a special Speed League on Fifa 11 – this will be a one night event where everyone in the ..

Dirt Championship Stolen at Last Minute

Shock, horror as a major competitor in the Dirt 3 Championship was thrown off the top spot after the final Dirt Time Trial. After leading from day one and gaining a large points ap at the top, all Beck really had to do was show up to the last event or the last two time ..

Coming up on AG

Hi Guys, Just a quick update to let you know whats to come over the next week or so on your favourite website Absolute Gaming! This will be done on a weekly basis just to keep you informed of whats coming on AG. As the title states, we’ve got a busy week ahead of us. ..

International League 1 Season 10 review

The script was written in International League One to be a battle to the title between Aaron and Samba, it turned into a one horse race with Samba winning by a 17 point margin. Aaron started off slowly dropping 17 points in his first eight match days against Jeff Antony, Wintz, Emo Worm and Samba. ..

Summer of Surprizes Reaches It’s End

After two whole months, a ladder, a shed load of games and a mini knockout, the AG Summer of Summers has reached a conclusion. The winner of the knockout was Samba WWFC who dispatched every player he came across, even the runner-up Beck who had to overcome two massive obstacles in Aaronc and DannyCTID. But ..

Club League 1 – Season 10 Report

Yes folks, Season 10 has drawn to a close and we say farewell to Fifa 11 with it too. How time flies when one is having fun…. To say that this one was finished really tight would be an understatement. So…how did it all go in the Auctions….There was a fair bit of trading and ..

AG Summer Of Surprizes – Draw Part 1

The ladder is now finished and shortly the top 8 players who played the most games will be pm’ed about the second part of this draw. However for all those who didn’t make it have the chance to win 2100 MS Points, I have tallied up the games and figured out how many draws each ..

DanLH16 Makes A Splash In The JPT

After a long month of battling it out we finally have our winner in the Johnstone Paint Trophy. This was to be our last monthly tournament on FIFA 11 and what a good turnout it was. 23 members battled it out in the group stages. The whole format was based around the Johnstone Paint Trophy ..