Aaronc333 is the greatest!

……Of course he is. Will all know that. Just that now he has proved it AGAIN!! The International League Cup is over and Aaronc333 has taken Uruguay to glory with a decent 3-1 win over, a distracted, Ds4murai in the final. Starting out with a win over Sam635 at the Last 16 stage, albeit on ..

Fran’s The Main Man

After seven weeks of non stop golf the AG Tiger Tour has finally come to an end. The tour took our members all around the world to some of the toughest courses EA Sports could offer and one man stands head and shoulders above the rest. This tour has seen the introduction of the new ..

Champions League Knockouts

Champions League Knockout Rules & Deadlines *2 matches as normal. If a draw after the 2 games, play a 3rd game with extra time and pens on. *The final will be 1 match only. Extra time and pens if needed. *Games to be arranged in the Knockout section of the Champions League forum. *No extensions ..

AG makes its dashboard debut!

XBOX360 Dashboard > Spotlight channel > Halo: Reach Meet Noble Team > Events & Tournaments. Those are the steps you need to take to catch the Absolutegaming tournament piece for Halo Reach. You may want to go take a look!! Needless to say, this is a massive step in the right direction for AG and ..

Champions League – The Big Kick off

The group stages of the Champions League are now under way. All members have 10 days to complete their games. You must play every member in your group twice. Reminder that there will be no extensions on any group games so fixture arranging is very important. All groups have their own forum for members to ..

Formula 1 Comes to AG

As you may have seen by the new F1 banner, AG will be adding the new Formula 1 game to its game base. The official release date of game is Friday24th September. So to make the most of it AG will be running a one night event on Saturday 25th September. The idea of the ..

In the eyes of Jobi

After being relegated from Int League 1 last season in what I can describe as my worst EVER season, I’m pretty upbeat about the new campaign. There are alot of new faces in this league and a few that I havent played for a while. Having resigned as Paraguay manager I set my attention to ..

AbsoluteGaming joins the XCN

You maybe asking what the XCN is and what its all about. Well let me tell you a little bit about it and how it will effect AbsoluteGaming. The XCN is like one big club for community-run Xbox websites, blogs and forums from all over Europe, Middle East and Africa. We will have access directly ..

Latest FIFA 11 Footage from Gamescom

The first video capture of FIFA 11 on the floor at gamescom has surfaced, big thanks to Gamersyde for posting this on their website! Also added some more in game fotage

AG Ranking Points

A new feature on AG is the introduction of event ranking points. AG Ranking Points will initially be used for our FIFA Leagues, League Cups and Monthly Tournaments. We also hope to be able to integrate them into our TFI cups and head-to-head one-off matches in the near future. So how do they work? Basically, ..

FIFA Season 5 kicks of today

Today is the day that the 5th and final season of FIFA 10 kicks of on AG. After a frantic pre season auction all members are now set for what will be the best season to date. This season has seen our league increase in size due to a number of new additions to the ..

Aga’s Club League 2 Review

Babysitting the Kid This season saw oKid UKo & Leeds come out of retirement and to the rest of the leagues delight it was up to us to look after him until he could get back to where he belongs in the higher echelons of the club leagues. The rest of the league had the ..

Kid’s Club 1 Review

So we come to that time of year again where I give you all a round-up of the entire Club League 1 season’s happenings in one lovely article which I hope you’ll enjoy. For a change I’ll start from the bottom of the pack, offering my commiserations to Wesbank, Superden and Bring It who will ..

The TFI Cup stays in Doncaster.

  Big thank you too all those who took part in the TFI Friday cup. 1st Round: Neil363 5-4 Bring It 007 Aaronc333 3-1 Sam635 Yannuski 2-9 Ds4murai UnloadedZulu 2-0 Wrxengland I know what your all thinking and no, that is not a typo. Neil363 signed up for the TFI cup. Neil’s 1st ever TFI match saw him ..

Season 5 Runners and Riders

The news you have all been waiting for. Our Season 5 FIFA10 league allocation. We have, for what will no doubt be our last season on FIFA10, increased the leagues slightly. Up from 10 to 11 members in each division, 22 in each league type, we welcome a number of new players to our leagues ..

Kickoff in the August Tournament

The AG August FIFA10 Tournament has now kicked off. For those involved this is the chance to win what will no doubt be our pentultimate monthly tourney using FIFA10. All members have their allocated teams, as well as their list of banned players, I wonder who will cope the best with the restrictions placed upon ..