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Our Xbox One Review of PES 2020 The long running competitor to FIFA is back and revamped, but has PES done enough this year to finally knock FIFA off that top spot in the Rankings. Or is this just the foundation for years to come. PES 2020 is back with all of the fan favourite ..

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PES 2020 – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of PES 2020

The long running competitor to FIFA is back and revamped, but has PES done enough this year to finally knock FIFA off that top spot in the Rankings. Or is this just the foundation for years to come.

PES 2020 is back with all of the fan favourite modes Master League, Become a Legend and MyClub. Each one becoming more detailed than PES 2019 iterations but still unfortunately they have a way to go to compete with the modes offered in FIFA.

One of the new features is the camera mode named “Stadium” this gives the player a better overall view of the pitch and really does make it feel like your watching ‘Real Life’ football on your TV. Coupled with this are two new partnered Stadiums those being Old Trafford home to Manchester’s biggest Club Manchester United (Sorry City Fans) and German powerhouse Club FC. Bayern Munchen. Both are very carefully detailed to match their real world counterparts.

This brings me onto my first gripe with PES 2020, being from the UK I enjoy playing1 as British Clubs in games like FIFA and Football Manager. With PES due to licensing issues bar Arsenal and Manchester United. Club Names, Crests and Kits are not available which whilst not the end of the world as all the players are still there. It does at least for me break the immersion.

Along with this is the rather dry commentary that seems to cycle through rather quickly and you start to hear the same lines being spoken again and again.
Then again I think people are starting to get bored of the monotonous tones of Peter Drury and ex Liverpool, Leeds United and Republic of Ireland Player Jim Beglin. They have been the commentary duo since PES 2016 and for Jim Beglin since 2011. I did find myself turning the commentary off as I was starting to get bored and slightly annoyed by it.

PES 2020 offers quick match style option which lets you quickly pick two teams to play against each other,  either in an offline mode or against another Real player. The quick swap from offline to online is very good and makes it a lot easier. Without having to slide through menu after sub menu after sub menu just to get to join Online. Whilst this mode may not be the mode most people play and come back to playing. I found it very useful to practice my silky skills and was good when I had just enough time for a quick game before working, getting up etc.

For those of you who like the management side of Football you have the Master League. This year with revamped transfer and player models including those of real world manager legends like Diego Mardonna, Zico and Johan Cruyff.
With Master League you are able to design your own Manager and interact with the different aspects of Football Management be that interviews, transfers, training or matches.
Whilst not as in depth as a game like Football Manager; this mode is something really interesting and the new Transfer mode has made it a lot more realistic and more immersive.

With every positive comes a negative and that comes in the shape of Regens. Regens for those who are unaware are regenerated players who take the position of retired players, this is done to elongate the game and allow players to forge long careers. Unfortunately due to the way it is currently implemented there is no random Regens with mixed stats but instead a Regen will take the skills of a retired player so it does become very easy to find the new Ronaldo or Messi. This is turn also means you have young players with abilities that would be unrealistic for their age.

Both Myclub and Become a Legend mode have their quirks and are interesting for a quick play through. Become a Legend is a Singleplayer orientated mode where you try and become the best player around, overall from the bits I played of that game mode it was alright but was really lacking the depth that you found in Master League.
MyClub being the Ultimate Teams of PES again missing the depth that you find in FIFA’s UT and again a disappointment and something that should be worked on for PES 2021.

One of the stand out things you see when you play PES 2020 is the graphical quality of the players, stadiums and even down to the beads of sweat on the player at times you really enter the uncanny valley scenario.
Also the animations have had a big overhaul and gives everything that real authentic touch and those crunching tackles that would be fine in the 1970’s a satisfying yet Red Card worthy bite.
At times though it felt if they had worked more on the modes rather than graphical fidelity PES 2020 really could have become a FIFA killer.

To sum up, I would definitely recommend buying and playing PES 2020, even if you own FIFA or you are just jonesing for another football game PES has plenty to offer and enough of its own style and substance that you don’t feel like you are playing FIFA clone.

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