Planet Coaster coming to Xbox

Planet Coaster is coming to Xbox and PS4

I use to love spending hours on PC playing a Rollercoaster Tycoon game. Whether that was the original, 2 or 3 and their expansions, I would lose hours away playing and creating my own park. I’ve always thought to myself that I’d love to see a proper RCT style game come to console, and last night, on Inside Xbox, those thoughts have been answered.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition was revealed and would be coming to Xbox and PS4.

For me one of the standout games of the night, I cannot tell you how excited I am to see this come to console. I know it’s been on PC for a while, and although it’ll be interesting to see how the PC version ports over to console, it’s a game that I’m eagerly awaiting.

Not much was revealed bar the trailer, so for the time being, feast your eyes on this. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more info on this in the coming months ahead of its launch next summer.

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