Ronda Rousey confirmed as Pre order DLC for WWE 2k19

For WWE fans this time of year is always exciting. We have the biggest event of the Summer coming up soon, Summerslam but we also have news and annoucements regarding the latest WWE game. A few weeks ago it was announced that AJ Styles was going to be the cover star for WWE 2k19. A couple of weeks later we got the announcement during a weekly episode of Raw that the first Pre order bonus was none other that Rey Mysterio.

During Raw this week we got a quick video announcing that Ronda Rousey will also come in the pre order bonus. You can watch the video below that makes out Rowdy Roddy Pipper is giving Ronda a pep talk. Anyone that has seen Ronda in the WWE ring will know that she was a big fan of Roddy Piper and her merch is based heavily on his.

Been the pre order bonus is a big thing when you look at who the past few have being. Recently we have had Kurt Angle, Goldberg and Sting. All of which made their return to WWE not long after. We have seen Mysterio in a WWE ring earlier this year but could we be on the brink of another Rey Mysterio, WWE run? I for one definitely hope so. As for Ronda Rousey, she has already blown fans away with how quickly she has been picking things up in the business, now she is confirmed for WWE 2k18. What is next for Ronda Rousey?

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