Prize Giveaway: Call of Duty WW2

We have a copy of Call Of Duty World War 2 to giveaway

Oh yes, it`s November, and if you`ll probably know that Call of Duty tends to be hit us around this time of the year, and this year was absolutely no different. Call of Duty WW2 launched a few weeks back and I`m loving it. In fact our reviewer also loved it, and you can find his review HERE

And, if you`re a fan, we`ve got some very exciting news and an opportunity for you to get your hands on a copy of the game.

That`s right, we have a copy of Call of Duty: WW2 for Xbox One to giveaway to one lucky gamer. We do love a good competition here at AbsoluteXbox, and we`re pleased to be able to giveaway one of the biggest games of the year.

So, how may you enter?

We have recently launched a brand new YouTube channel, so, to be enter into our draw to win a copy of the game, we`d like you to subscribe to us on YouTube. You can find our channel HERE . We`ll be looking to bring you loads of Gameplay and other videos in the future.

Subscribe to us on YouTube for a chance to win. Please note however that we must hit our target of 50 subscribers before we can giveaway Call of Duty WW2 so please share around and let your friends know! Give us a subscribe to be in with a chance.


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