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Our Xbox One Review of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Pro Evolution Soccer (Or PES as I am going to refer to it as) has very rarely being compared to FIFA in a good light. It is because of this reason that I have not played a PES game in years. People have said over the ..

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Our Xbox One Review of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Pro Evolution Soccer (Or PES as I am going to refer to it as) has very rarely being compared to FIFA in a good light. It is because of this reason that I have not played a PES game in years. People have said over the last couple of years that it is getting there but it isn’t there yet. I decided to give it a go for the first time in years and I do not regret it one bit.

It has been around 3 or 4 years since I last enjoyed a football game as much as I enjoyed playing this. After playing a lot of FIFA on our sister site Absolute Gaming I have started to re-ignite that fire for playing football games but it wasn’t quite there. PES has reminded me how much fun a career mode can be as well as playing an ‘Ultimate Team’ the way it should be played. Before we get started properly I just wanted to mention that I was a bit worried about the controls at first but as soon as you load up if gives you a couple of controller options so you can choose whichever fits you!

We will start in the same place I started… ‘My Club’ The last time I picked up a PES game My Club wasn’t a thing, I had heard about it and seen brief clips but had no idea how it worked. Instead of earning coins to open packs you earn what is called ‘G Score’. This is your currency and there is quite a bit of stuff you can do with it however opening packs isn’t one of them. At first I was confused by the lack of packs or ‘Loot boxes’. Instead you use your money to buy scouts. Scouts vary in skill level and speciality. Scouts can be any star between 1-5 and players are defined by the colour of footballs. The colours from worst to best are, White, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Black. The higher star the scout the more chance of getting a player. For example don’t be expecting your 1 star scout to be finding you a black ball any time soon. Scouts are also available to you via playing matches. The better the result, the better the scout.

If you want to buy players in a way that doesn’t involve scouts then you can use agents. When using agents you will have different options available to you. I am going to talk about ‘Top Agent’ first as it is always available. For 25,000G you can use an agent to find you some players. The options are Forward, Midfielder, Defender & Goalkeeper. You will get 3 players of the position you choose. The best thing is you can check what the chances are of you getting each colour ball, when it comes to Top Agent the lowest you can get is silver but there is a 2.9% chance of getting a black. The other agents change weekly with the players of the week. With this comes 3 extra packs. Each cost 100 stars, you can get starts by doing challenges or you can buy them with real money. They are 100 stars each but you are guaranteed a black ball. There are also tournaments which change weekly too, these offer different rewards but they are usually a lot of coins or a guaranteed good player!

I love this whole feature. This is the way this sort of game mode should be played. It makes it fair for everyone to get good players and with the lack of a transfer market players aren’t worth anything. Meaning you can have a good team without having to open your wallet. I think they have nailed this game mode and made it perfect.

After playing ‘My Club’ for a while I decided to ask a fellow reviewer if he wanted to play against me. He agreed but we searched high and low but could not find out how to invite or join friends. After he finally found out how to do it his words were ‘What a chore that was’. This is a downfall for me for a couple of reasons, the first is the fact that I still can’t find out how to play with friends and the second is the fact that this should be one of the easiest things to do. With online multiplayer being as big as it is this should be a lot easier to work than it actually is.

After finally playing (and winning 10-1 may I add) I thought it was time to start a career. There were so many options available and to be honest I love it. There is nothing worse than having a football game that comes out every year but after about 8 months you’re bored because you have done everything. The variety of career modes take care of this! First of all you have Club Team Line-up, this is your basic career mode where you play as a team such as Liverpool and just play through the league and the cup. The other option available if you want to play as a club is PES’s own Master League. Master League is where it is at, no matter which team you choose to play as you will get given the exact same team with low rated players. If you decide to join the first league in a 2 tiered league then you will start off in the second league. Train your players and upgrade their overall, make them world class at your club or sell them and buy someone better. If you stay with a club for a while and do well with the players not only will the fans start giving the players nicknames based on their performance (Another amazing feature) but you will also be able to choose a player to be your ‘Favourite’. If these players continue to do well they may go down as a club legend! If you do well with your club you may also get offered the job to manager your country! Club careers aren’t the only ones available. You can also play as a single player. You have a couple of options here too, Original or Existing. Existing means you take a real life player and play a career as them, where as Original is so much more exciting. You create your own alter-ego and pick a league, you will then be assigned a team. This is where you will start your career. Earn your managers trust, earn your teammates friendship and make yourself WORLD CLASS.

Just before we finish off I wanted to mention a couple more things. First of all it was amazing to hear some different commentators for a change. However this went away very very quickly. With the lack of options I found them saying the same stuff every few games and it feels very repetitive. The other thing I want to talk about is the lack of licencing that PES has when it comes to leagues and teams. They only have a couple of premier league teams which are Liverpool and Arsenal. Some people would say this is a bad thing but I find it exciting when I come across a team such as Yorkshire Orange as you have to try and work out who they are based on the name and the players they have.

As mentioned at the start PES has made me fall in love with football games all over again and with the amount of options available I don’t think it’s temporary. It’s fresh, it’s fun and it is everything a football game should be and more!

Price – £54.99

Publisher & Developer – Konami Digital Entertainment 

Review Code Supplied by Turn 10 Media

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