Project Scarlett revealed as Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X revealed and also, Hellblade 2 shown off

This week, at The Game Awards, we got a big reveal and a big surprise – Xbox showed off officially, their next-gen console.

Xbox Series X was revealed, and in a cinematic showcase trailer, we got the first glimpse of the design that Xbox have taken, and for those that own PCs, you may find some pretty similar features. Designed in a rectangular position, the console will have the ability to stand or lay vertical, similar to this generation console, but seeing the design that has been taken, it looks pretty impressive, and we already can’t wait for some designs to come, in terms of special editions.

In addition to the design of the console being shown, there were a load of details confirmed that we sort of half knew from earlier in the year when Project Scarlett was first revealed at E3, some of which sound quite good.

  • Xbox Series X will be 4x more powerful than the Xbox One X
  • It will support 8K resolution
  • It will support up to 120fps
  • It will be backwards compatible across four generations – Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X titles will be playable. In addition, accessories will also be able to be used on Xbox Series X
  • it will use an SSD

In addition, we saw the first title that showed off it’s in-game engine, and that came in the form of Ninja Theory’s newest title, and the sequel to the fantastic Hellblade, Hellblade 2. And oh my, does that look incredible. The character model of Senua and the environment look so realistic, and I cannot wait to see more of that. If that’s the start of the next-gen capability, we are going to see in terms of graphics then keep them rolling.

Full details of the reveal can be found here, but based on what we have seen this week, it’s going to be a very interesting 2020 for Xbox gamers.

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