Q&A: An Interview with Titutech

We sit down with Titutech ahead of Oh My Godheads

We love a good interview here at AbsoluteXbox, and shortly, we`re going to get the launch of Oh My Godheads, developed by Titutech, and they have been very willing to talk to us about the game and themselves. You can see the full interview below.

Who are Titutech? Who do they consist of?

We are a small game company located in Barcelona, Spain. We are 4 people in the company: 2 artists and 2 programmers. Roles are a bit blurry though, as we do take care of everything together. For instance, one of us takes care of game design, though we all participate almost equally.

When did the concept of Oh My Godheads come around?

About 3 years ago we gathered a team to participate in a game jam. It went well so we decided to continue making indie projects together. We were playing lots of local multiplayer games so we decided to make our own. Other than that, the only thing we had back then was a codename (‘Chili Dog’) and the will to make something funny and silly.

So, we started playing around with a 3D scenario and controllable players and soon the game became a capture-the-flag arena type of game. The actual idea of carrying gods with different properties that would affect gameplay came later on, as we’d brainstorm around a few beers ;P

How far has it taken you to get to a finished version?

We’ve been in all sorts of places, both physically and mentally, ha, ha.

At first, we were planning on running a Kickstarter, so we had to work on the project out of our main jobs. At some point some of us were in Europe and some in Japan! This sometimes meant waking up at 5 am for an urgent meeting… you can imagine no amount of coffee can fix you that early! Things were tough, as we had to work lots of extra hours, but at the same time things were easy, as it was still a side thing.

Later, when we got the publishing deal with Square Enix, since everything scaled up, so did the number of management, legal, and not-so-funny tasks. But at the same time we could work full time on the project, and we also got the oportunity to travel a lot and show the game to all sorts of audiences! From Japan, to US, we went to so many places! Including EVO in Las Vegas! Showing the game to such core players was at first scary, but seeing their positive reactions was really fulfilling and the game grew a lot thanks to everyone’s feedback!

For those who dont know, what is Oh My Godheads?

Oh My Godheads is a fast paced local multiplayer game from 1 to 4 players where you play with and against your friends to try to capture the heads of different gods.

What can we expect in terms of the gameplay?

So it’s a capture-the-flag type of game, but where you carry these giant heads, the Godheads. They all have their own unique personalities and abilities; which affect the carrier and the other players in different ways. For instance, there’s Bastet, and Egyptian cat-headed goddess, that will reverse the controls of whoever is carrying it. Or Kali, that keeps speeding up or slowing down time.

Aside from ‘Capture-the-head’, the game does have other game modes, including pure deathmatch battles, and a solo mode were players can train their skills and compete with friends through leaderboards.

But the best way to totally understand what the game is about is to grab some friends or family, a sofa and have some laughs and fights playing it 😉

Was it a difficult task creating for console?

Not in terms of game design. The game was inspired by old school games such as Power Stone or Smash Bros. In a way it was born, in spirit, as a console game, though it will also be released on Steam and it can be played with a keyboard.

Making games for consoles is always a small extra challenge, not only technically, but also in terms of compliance with all the little things a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One game must have. That said, we did have some help from the guys at Warp Digital who helped us making the ports of the game. Many thanks to them!

Was it always going to be co-op reliant game? Was that the plan from the start?

Yes, specially at the very beginning, when we really wanted to make a sort of soccer game, where team collaboration was the key to success.

Later on, as we focused more and more on allowing any combination of teams up to 4 players, we added and tweaked things to make the game also fun when playing 1 vs 1, or even alone, with CPU players.

All in all, we are pretty happy how balanced it is. We think it’s easy to learn, but still hard to master, and that includes team tactics. Because in a way, the game is a big local multiplayer sandbox, even today we continue to discover new ways to play in team or individually.

Are we going to see online multiplayer in the future? Or will it remain solely a local co-op game?

Not in the near future. Oh My Godheads was designed from the beginning to be an offline multiplayer game. Not having to care about lag, or implementing online infrastructures allowed us to put all our energy into making the best couch multiplayer game we could, which is our field of expertise!

Is there any other updates in the pipeline for the game?

We hope to continue adding stuff to the game, but to be honest it will all depend on how the game is received. Being our first company title, it’s our little baby and we really would love to continue seeing it grow. We do have lots of ideas and things we’d like to add… so please help us make our baby grow up 😉

Are there any other plans for Titutech?

Our intention as a company is to keep making easy to catch hard to master immediate funny multiplayer videogames.

So now that Oh My Godheads has been finished, and while we help with the release, we are also starting to toy around with ideas for the next project.

A huge thank you to Federico and the team from Titutech to talk to us. We`ll have a review of Oh My Godheads coming next week on AbsoluteXbox.

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