RECO Technology Q&A: An AbsoluteXbox exclusive

We sit down with RECO as we talk Numantia and more

We love a good interview here at AbsoluteXbox, and recently, we had the chance to review Numantia, developed by RECO Technology, and you can find that review here . However, we are very lucky to have had the chance to throw over some questions to Roman Echevarrena, producer and director at RecoTechnology  and thanks to him for answering. You can find the full interview below.

Who are RECO Technology?

We’re a young development studio based in Madrid, Spain, and formed by a wide range of professionals from the videogames industry.

For those who don’t know, what is Numantia the game?

Numantia is a TBS or Turn Based Strategy game based on the true historical events that took place in Hispania up to the 133 B.C. It narrates more than twenty years of war between the Celtiberian city of Numantia and the Republic of Rome.

What made you pick the siege of Numantia as the subject of the game?

We wanted to make a historical strategy game for quite a while so immediately after we finished our previous game, Kyurinaga’s Revenge we got to work. At the start we were looking for something different, something involving a clash of cultures, but avoiding the more ‘mainstream’ elements like Vikings or the World Wars. After weeks of research, we settled on the events of Numantia. It’s a widely known part of our history here in Spain, but not on an international scale, so it gave us the best opportunity to come up with something new and also a chance to show everyone out there a fascinating part of our own past.

Is there scope for the gameplay in Numantia being moved to other historical conflicts?

We considered some other similar events as inspirations and/or new projects. But it all depends on the success of Numantia and the feedback from the community.

Was Numantia made for the PCs and then ported over to consoles? If so, what were the main difficulties?

We developed the three versions (PC, Xbox One and PS4) almost simultaneously, so we could update the three versions at the same time. We encountered several yet very common problems during development: Differences in performance between platforms and mapping all the controls and game info to the controllers being the major ones.

Are you developing anything that will take advantage of the greater power of the Xbox One X?

We’re always trying to push our hardware and software with every project. We’re currently trying to improve our results on Numantia, but only time will tell.

Did the release of your bullfighting game Toro cause any controversy when released as it may be an emotive subject in some countries?

Well, I was not a part of the team when Toro was released, since I joined Kyurinaga’s Revenge during its pre-production stage. But I don’t want to sound like I’m dodging the bullet here so, yes, Toro did stir things up quite a bit here. It’s still a delicate matter not only here, but in other countries too. It was quite difficult to get rid of the whole ‘these are the guys who made Toro’, but I believe after Kyurinaga’s Revenge and Numantia, we have finally moved on from that.

RECO Technologies have released games that fall into vastly different genres. What direction will you be going in your future releases?
I believe strategy is going to stick at least for a while. And that’s all she wrote…

Thank you to Roman for taking the time to talk to us.

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