Safe In Our World launches on World Mental Health Day

Industry Vets rally together to launch new charity.

The culmination of 2 years hard work, Safe In Our World launches today to raise awareness of mental health issues in the gaming community. It’s founders are gaming industry veterans, Gareth Williams, Leo Zullo and Neil Broadhead.

Studies show that 1 in 4 people are affected by mental health. When you consider that over 50% of the world’s population play video games the numbers of people affected is huge! Safe In Our World aims to provide an online hub where people can seek help, gain access to resources, and read other people’s stories from within the gaming industry.

In a time where conversation around mental health is at a crucial point, Safe In Our World aims to destigmatise the discussion within the gaming industry. It hopes to bring content creators, professionals and players to all come together in support of each other. According to the Safe In Our World website, their goal is “for the [gaming] industry to come together and start a conversation that can change lives.”

They have a number of initiatives lined up over the coming months. First up is their Support For Game Makers scheme. This scheme aims to highlight mental health issues through gaming experiences. The first announced is Fractured Minds

Designed by 2017 BAFTA Young Game Designer Winner Emily Mitchell, it depicts her very personal experiences with mental health, but also emphasises the importance of video games in her life.

In an interview discussing the concept around Fractured Minds, Emily stated “the thing that really appeals to me about video game is, I think that you can just escape into another world, and you can just kind of forget about everything else.” In regards the actual plot and purpose of the game’s narrative, she explained “I suffer from quite severe anxiety, so I wanted to make a game that actually means something, and something that people can relate to, but in their own way.”

Earlier this year there was a lot of stigma around the negative effects of video games. Games were being blamed for the rise in violence, citing the hostile nature of online gaming in particular. Safe In Our World aims to once again shine a positive light on video games, starting with is Fractured Minds.

Published by indie specialist company Wired Productions (Victor Vran; Close To The Sun) and launching soon on all major platforms, Fractured Minds will cost just £1.59/€1.99/$1.99. 80% of proceeds will be split into a private fund to support Emily’s future, and sustaining and supporting Safe In Our World.

On World Mental Health Day, I want to take a minute to remind all of our readers, your story is important. Every 40 seconds someone commits suicide. It is the highest killer in adults 18-34. Whilst it may seem that there is no-one to talk to and nowhere to go, there is. You are never alone!

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