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Our Xbox One Review of Shoppe Keppe When I first heard that Shoppe Keppe was making its way to Xbox I wasn’t too sure what I thought. The game that had been released on PC and Steam for over a year, was making its way to a console port version, and I know we`ve had ..

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Shoppe Keppe – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of Shoppe Keppe

When I first heard that Shoppe Keppe was making its way to Xbox I wasn’t too sure what I thought. The game that had been released on PC and Steam for over a year, was making its way to a console port version, and I know we`ve had some games recently that are in preview (PUBG) and some that have made their way straight from PC to a straight release on console. None the less, after reading some very good reviews for the PC version, it was time to see if the console version was going to be worth looking into. Check out my Xbox One review of Shoppe Keppe that launches fully next week, March 3rd.

Shoppe Keppe is developed by Strange Fire and published by ExCalibur Games. Shoppe Keppe is a management style business game where you are tasked with the running of your own shop. You will have a range of items on sale for customers and it’s up to you to decide how much you`re going to sell them for. The layout of the shop is also going to be up to you, and how you approach your management style is going to affect how well you do with your customers. Of course, just like any other shop, there are times that you`re going to have to deal with thief’s, and people who want to cheat their way into a product, and you can either use your magic powers or a swing of your sword to stop them. All in all, it’s a game that`s going to push you and let you run your own shop. How cool is that.

From the off, you`re going to want to change your sensitivity settings, and that`s because it uses near enough the same controls that you use on the PC when it comes to moving and looking around. It`s very difficult and frustrating at the start if you leave it the way it is, so you need to do some twinkling with it. Some may be able to play with it, but for me, it was an absolute no from the off. So, be prepared to turn the sensitivity right down in the settings, as for console players, you`re going to need to.

Starting off in your room opposite your shop, you`re going to go and completely build your shop the way you want to. You`re going to need tables, stools, stands, shelves and more to fill them with products that you`re going to sell. You have a list of items that you can order at a price (The more money you make the more you`ll be able to sell and order) and once ordered and delivered to your backroom of your shop (This doesn’t take long at all), its time to lay them out on your shelves and stands, set the price for them (Obviously you`ll want to make a profit on what you outlay for them in terms of purchases – but set them at a too high cost and you won’t sell anything). Once that`s all done, it`s time to open up the doors to your shop and let your customers come rolling in… well, they will do eventually.

In what seems like a slow start, the game progresses at three points through the day, and each at 5 minutes. Morning, Afternoon and evening. This means that to get through a one day cycle you`re looking at around 15 minutes completion. Once that completion has finished you`ll be able to replenish your stock and add to your displays if needed be, before you re-open the doors for your next day. Now, you will notice from the start that it will take a while for you to get going in terms of sales and seeing business booming, so be prepared and patient as the game progresses, as it does pick up and get better. So, do expect a slow start when it comes to getting into the game.

There`s not an awful lot more to it, and it is quite a simple, but I think addictive and effective game. It`s not going to be for everyone, and you can have three different saved games to choose from, meaning that you can work your way through different shops and outputs as time goes on. Be prepared for a slow start, but it does get better later on, and that`s the thing to remember if you`re someone who likes something on offer pretty much from the off, because you`re not going to get that. It`s not a pick up and play title in my opinion, and it`ll be a lot more benefitted from someone who is prepared to put some time into the game. But, I have enjoyed what I`ve played so far of Shoppe Keppe, and its worth looking into when it launches next Friday.

Developers: Strange Fire

Publishers: Excalibur Games

Price: £9.35




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