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You know, I quite like sniping games. I mean I don’t tend to play them so much now as I`m very much a run in the action and all guns blazing type of guy, and that means that sniping is very limited for me. But, when a game comes around where the focus of the ..

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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Review

You know, I quite like sniping games. I mean I don’t tend to play them so much now as I`m very much a run in the action and all guns blazing type of guy, and that means that sniping is very limited for me. But, when a game comes around where the focus of the game is to snipe, then it really is a game that forces me to take a breath, aim down the scope, stay back and select my targets. Well, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 made its entrance last week, and after playing the first two and rather quite enjoying them, I hoped that the 3rd entry I`d have an equally good time with as I had the previous two. Oh, how wrong and disappointed I was about to be.


Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is developed and published by CI games, and is the 3rd instalment to the Sniper Ghost series. The game is a first-person shooter, and unlike the previous two instalments, focuses on a less-linear approach and more an open-world approach (Which we are seeing so many games now follow the route of making an open-world game) and of course being an open-world game and just like most others, it`s very easy to get side-tracked from the main missions, when you vouch to explore or complete some of the side missions. But this is where my first problem is with the game and the style it has taken, and perhaps I`m comparing it too much to other open-world games that I`ve played recently, but if you`re going to have an open-world game, you need to fill it with a range of content, and with the time I`ve had with Sniper Ghost Warrior, it feels extremely limited. Perhaps when the season pass stuff comes along (Which is a nice touch from CI games to include the Season Pass for free with every copy and not try to make gamers spend another £30+ on top of buying the game) we`ll see a bit more content, but from the off, it feels very limited in terms of the stuff and range you can do.

When I play a game, there`s nothing more I really don’t like than seeing a game that constantly suffers with frame rate drops. Last year it was Homefront that took the title, and I`m afraid to say, based on so far, this year, Sniper Ghost Warrior is going to take the title for this year. It`s shocking at times to see how bad the frame rates get, especially during the more actionic parts of the game where you`ve been spotted by the enemies and you`re either retreating to a hiding spot or you`re whipping your machine gun out and taking them full out full force. It`s sad to see and although some people won`t mind it so much, it becomes rather frustrating after a while. Have you ever played a game where you have so much lag it feels like at times it becomes unplayable? Well, that`s this. And there`s also nothing more I don’t like than having to wait 5 minutes for the game to start, as the loading in times to the game are shocking. For some, it`d have been turned off after a minute of waiting to get into the game, and bear in mind this isn’t even a game that`s putting you in a multiplayer or co-operative environment. It`s not putting you into an online game! It` s single player! So why does it take so long to get into a single player game? For the technical issues alone now it`s worth staying away from. I have no doubt that at some point CI games will release a patch to fix it, but I fear by the time that comes around, it`s going to be too late. I wonder whether even delaying the game would have been an idea. Get the basic rights in terms of frame rates, because you could have a fantastic story and a fantastic game in terms of everything else, but if the frame rates drop and are not right, then it`s going to be hit hard. And that`s the problem with Sniper Ghost Warrior 3.

I do like the game, but do I think it lives up to the same as the first two instalments and am I having the same amount of fun as I did with the first two? Absolutely-not. Perhaps that’ll change dramatically when they release some sort of patch to fix the frame rate issue, but at the moment, it`s really difficult to play for a longer period of time, and especially more so, it becomes rather frustrating when you do try to indulge into it, as it lags and lags and lags.

The controls of the game are not very hard to master, and if anything, it follows the similar sort of approach to any other FPS game. Right trigger to shoot, left trigger to aim, but with a few added controls for a sniper so that you can change a few settings etc. It`s a game that`s easy to pick up in terms of controls and isn’t going to be something that`s going to ask a lot of you. Perhaps knowing the timing and knowing what setting to use could take some getting used to, but it`s nothing extradentary.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is a game that does have potential, but the technical issues do ruin it quite badly. If CI games can get a patch out soon before it`s too late and fix, they could have a good game on their hand. Now, I`d stay well away from it as possible.

A huge thank you to Koch Media for providing us with a review copy.

Developer: CI Games
Publisher: CI Games
Website: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3
Twitter: @CIGamesOfficial / @SGW3Game


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