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Will You Enter The State Of Decay Again? State Of Decay 2 has to be my anticipated game of the year period. When I saw the trailer at E3 last year their was 3 games that really took my breath away and could not wait to play. The first two where Sea Of Thieves and ..

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State Of Decay 2- Xbox One Review

Will You Enter The State Of Decay Again?

State Of Decay 2 has to be my anticipated game of the year period. When I saw the trailer at E3 last year their was 3 games that really took my breath away and could not wait to play. The first two where Sea Of Thieves and Player Unknown Battlegrounds. Now to be fair as much as I was looking forward to the two mentioned games I didn’t think much of them when they finally got released and let me down massively. Since then I have had the joy solely focusing on State Of Decay 2 (that is until the black ops 4 trailer dropped, which I am totally in love with). So the question I suppose we should be asking is it as good as the E3 trailer suggest? If you wish to watch the trailer click on the link State Of Decay 2 E3 Trailer.

For those of you who have never played the original State Of Decay then you guys are in for a treat, it is one of the best original zombie games released, and it was released at a time when the “Zombiefestation” wasn’t even popular, in fact it was released in 2013, about the time The Walking Dead finally grasped a firm grip on the nation. Thankfully the same developers and publishers have been kept on for the sequel so I was really looking forward to seeing if Undead Labs and Microsoft Studios could better the original, and after a 5 year absence I’m sure I wouldn’t be disappointed.

State Of Decay 2 has kept the one gaming dynamic that made the original game stand out from the crowd and that is the almost live gameplay. What I mean by that is that the game is solely based on how you play the game, so each and every gamer will have their own unique experience. You can even change the way you play if you so wish and the game will play with you, which is an awesome feature. One minute you can play superhero and try to save everybody, or when life gets to tough from all the rushing around, you could play villain and take everybody’s stuff and keep it for yourself. But if you chose the latter be careful, as this is a post apocalyptic world and the more friends you have, the more likely you are to survive.

The main objective as stated above is survive, sometimes by any means necessary. You cab choose between a choice of 4 teams of 2, each with their own set of unique skills and traits to help them survive this horrible stat the World is in. Don’t be afraid of picking one as you can run multiple communities to see which one will suit you best, all you need to do is click on manage communities and you can save up to 3 different communities which is handy for something else I will mention later on.

The 4 teams are Laila and Robinson a lucky sibling couple who got reunited after the apocalypse hit and picked up some neat tricks along the way, especially in the intelligence and mechanical side of things. The next 2 are Adam and Joel, best buds since middle school, but can they keep each other from causing trouble with others? I’m sure Adams skills in Shooting and Joel’s skills as a Craftsman will come in more then useful for any survival camp. The next two are lovers Dahlia and Kayla, these two break up more then you have hot dinners, but always return back to each other, but will their skills in Cardio and Chemistry help them along the way or will it be a relationship destined for doom. The last two Eddie and Rory is an unlikely tale of two people only meeting each other because of the zombies, and even found themselves to fall in love with each other because of what happened, I’m sure Eddie’s skills as a fighter and Rory’s skills as a gardener couldn’t be more different then the other, but they seem to have the balance to survive. My first instinct was to go with the Eddie and Rory, but my first group I chose was Laila and Robinson who I’m glad to report are still alive (so far).

To be honest it doesn’t really matter who you pick because the longer you play the game, the more likely you are to meet someone with a certain skillset that you do not process and eventually recruit them. Or if you are lucky enough to have a group of friends who play the game you can have a community just for you guys, which is where the manage community comes in handy. So you can have your own thriving community with zero help, you could have a community where friends jump in from time to time if you get stuck, or a community that is just for you and your mates, which I think is brilliant and more games should have these kind of options available.

Onto the gameplay itself… well what can I say, the gaming dynamics as mentioned above are absolutely flawless, whatever ever decision you make has a direct impact on what happens next, the timings flow perfectly from day into night, there isn’t any form of lighting at night except your torch which is a great graphic to have, especially in a zombie thriller game. The zombies are as gruesome as ever each with different styles of clothing and each with their own unique markings (again a great touch).

You also find different variations of zombie, you have your normal zombie who will slowly get to you and try to attack you. Then you have the nutter zombie, this bad boy/girl will chase you down and even try to rugby tackle you (scary as shit in pitch black and tackles you out of nowhere). Then you have the plague zombies, these guys are awful, with their demonic evil red eyes they can really pack a punch too, as well as infect you. You have screamers, these guys have no arms and generally don’t attack you but make one hell of a noise if they see you and attract everything nearby. My favourite two are the last two I am about to mention and they are the bloaters, basically an overweight zombie who if you don’t take care of quickly will explode and release a gas that can infect everybody for a short period of time within a certain blast radius, however if your in a car and run one over the gas will follow you in the car so get out asap. The last is the humongous beast zombie, whom I have yet to find the name out for because this thing terrifies me, if you watch the E3 trailer you know which one I mean, the badass at the end who just rips your character in two like he’s pulling apart a sausage.

I absolutely loved State Of Decay and to be honest I loved the sequel as well but the more I play it the more I realise it is a lot like the original, in fact it almost seems like a re-master rather then a sequel, but would I still pay the asking price…. absolutely, as even though it feels like a re-master there is a lot more going on and with the addition of having your friends joining in and having your own community this game delivers once again. Even the price for a re-master is a steal compared to some other games out there… cough, cough Burnout paradise.

So head down to the shops or click on the link below and get this must have game

Developer: Undead Labs

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Twitter: @undeadlabs @MSStudiosBlog

Price: £24.99

Ultimate Edition: £39.99

Review code supplied by Assembly

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