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Our Xbox One Review of The Story Goes On I tried to catch some fog in there but I mist. This single line made me fall more in love with this game than I even thought was possible. The story goes on is a hack’n’slash game where you must kill all enemies in a room ..

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The Story Goes On – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of The Story Goes On

I tried to catch some fog in there but I mist. This single line made me fall more in love with this game than I even thought was possible.

The story goes on is a hack’n’slash game where you must kill all enemies in a room before you can move onto the next. Your mission is to find the key in each level that opens the boss door. Next you must find the boss door (if you haven’t do so already). Go through the door kill the boss and move onto the next world. Sounds simple right? Well sometimes it can be whereas sometime you can be wondering around for ages until you finally find the key in the last room you decided to check.

Each world is a different type. The first one is basic grassy area. Then it moves onto an icy area. This continues change while you go through cemeteries and desserts any others. Each world has different bosses available to you. For example in the first world you could come up agains the dinosaur or a mole thing that just spins. These both offer different experiences and you will have to strategically find a way to kill them without getting it. You have 3 hearts per run. Every time you get by an enemy you will lose half a life. Once you lose them all then you are dead and have to start all over again.

That is unless you find more hearts during your run. You can find hearts in 3 different ways. The first way to find a heart is by killing enemies and hoping that they drop one. The next is by opening a chest and hoping that there is one in there. You can open chests with keys that you pick up if an enemy drops it when killed. The final way to find hearts is to by them at the shop.

As in most games you get coins for killing enemies and defeating bosses. These coins can then be used to buy power ups in the shop. The shop is available to you once you have killed any boss. Of you don’t buy anything in the shop and just proceed to the next world then the shop is likely to appear in that world. Who runs the shop I hear you ask?

Only the best character in the game. A scarecrow is the shop owner and also you guide. The reason that this character is my favourite is because of the cheesy puns he comes out with. The one in the title is one of his that he says just before you enter the cemetery world. Another personal favourite is what he once said before I entered the ice world. While in the ice world you are able to search igloos for powerups and how did I learn this? The scarecrow told me as I entered the level that ‘there are eskimos that live here. You can take their loot but don’t steal their wifi. It’s one liners like this scattered around the game that makes this game so much fun to play. This game would actually be lost without this character. I should also mention that if you don’t buy anything from his shop he is the one who opens the shop in the world but he will be wearing a disguise.

As well as buying hearts from the shop you can also purchase potions that will give you different benefits like added health or speed. You can buy abilities that help you swing your sword faster or weapons that will shoot different things. There’s on that shoots blackholes which is fun to use and even one that shoots out your cash. No idea why you would want to use this one though.

At the start of the game you will be playing as Aiden. Just a regular guy with the ability ‘Hookshot’. His ability allows him to throw something at a wall and swing over to it. This helps when running away from enemies or if corned in a room. You will however realise that there are 3 other characters waiting to be unlocked. Thankfully its not DLC and you can actually unlock these in game. Without giving away how I will just let you know that you’re able to unlock all three within the first three levels. One level per person. The names of these characters are Foster, Gambit and Sprout. Each of these have different abilities and can be unlocked in different ways. There is also 50G available for each one that you manage to unlock.
Although there is no Xbox Live mode there is however Local co-op mode which me an my partner a great time playing. You don’t have to choose the same character so you can both be whoever you want. This makes it a lot easier when trying to complete the levels as you don’t have to do it all by yourself. In the experiences that I had playing co-op if one of you die you can actually bring them back. You will be able to find a room with a big circle in the middle. If you go up to this circle and press A if will take half of your health and give it to the deceased player.


The Story Goes on offers 1000G over 29 achievements. The easiest of these worth 5G just for starting your first run. Other easy ones are unlocking your first boss room and finding 25% of items. As stated earlier there are 50G for unlocking each character. Other than this you also have achievements for holding 5000 coins at the same time and ones that only specific characters can unlock for you.

All in all I would highly recommend this game. At a price of £6.39 it’s a bargain if you are looking for a game to offer you a challenge, has local co-op and great humour!


Price – £6.39

Publisher – KISS LTD

Twitter – @TSGOGame

Website – KISS LTD

Review code supplied by Swipe Right PR

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