Gameplay 4
Controls 3
Graphics & Audio 4
Value For Money 4
Longevity 4

Our review of Super Mega Baseball 2 I must be honest, I`ve never been one for Baseball games. I can`t say I`ve ever properly watched a game of it on the TV (Although you don’t get it in the UK to my knowledge – it`s very much a American sport) and although I remember playing ..

Summary 3.8 good
Gameplay 4
Controls 4
Graphics & Audio 4
Value For Money 3
Longevity 5
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Super Mega Baseball 2 – Xbox One Review

Our review of Super Mega Baseball 2

I must be honest, I`ve never been one for Baseball games. I can`t say I`ve ever properly watched a game of it on the TV (Although you don’t get it in the UK to my knowledge – it`s very much a American sport) and although I remember playing something similar in school, I`ve never touched a baseball game. So, when the opportunity to give Super Mega Baseball 2, which is the newest addition to the franchise after the first title back in 2015, I looked with open eyes, to try something a bit different and for me, something completely new. Was it going to be a good new and something I`d quite like playing? Or was it going to be enough to put me off baseball games in the future? Well, I must say, I`ve really enjoyed what I`ve played so far.

Super Mega Baseball 2 is a game developed and published by Metalhead Software, and was released at the start of the month. It is the 2nd game in the franchise, after the first title, Super Mega Baseball, was released back in 2015. The game is quite simple, and follows the sport of Baseball, and across a range of modes, you have the chance to jump onto the field, and bat and throw your way through to the game`s winning desires.

Straight from the off, I decided to jump into an exhibition match, to start things slowly and to try and get to grips with how the game played and the game fared. After choosing which side I was going to take control of (There are a few teams to take control of) and deciding how long I was going to play the game for (You can choose the amount of innings you`re going to play in a game) it was time to jump in and experience my first taste of action. It was my turn to throw first, and after throwing a few pitches in, you`ll find that pitching is not a bad experience. Using the A button and left stick buttons to work out where you`re going to pitch the ball too and trying to strike out the opposition is good, and easy-ish, and the more you play the game the more you`ll find yourself mastering it. When it comes to fielding your team will catch the ball and will need to throw to one of three players on the corners to try and get the opposition out. Getting a number of players out will end the round and switch the sides. That`s when the controls and game, starts to feel a bit more difficult.

Batting is a completely different ball game to pitching, and this is where it`s going to take some practice, patience and mastering to be able to do it well. It`s going to feel incredibly frustrating at first, as every pitch you aim to hit, you`re going to miss. That`s because it`s all about getting the timing right of your swing, and hitting it at the right spot to cause maximum carnage and home runs. The more you play the easier and more better it will become, but if you`re expecting something easy that you`re going to be able to come straight into and play, then don’t be expecting that at all. You are going to need to practice your swing, and if you can get past the first few games of trying to swing and not having much luck and having quite a few people out, then it will become easier and more fun, and make for some really good games.

I spent quite a few games in exhibition mode but there are other game modes that are on offer, including online multiplayer, co-op, and more. You do get a good range, and you can jump online with other people, meaning that there are some different options to jump into with friends. And, at the moment, it is also part of the Games with Gold, so you can download the game free if you`re an Xbox gold member.

What`s also nice about Super Mega Baseball 2 is that the game is Xbox One X enhanced, and you can notice this in some of the stadium areas and in the sky, where it stands out – it`s a smaller title, and although it doesn’t scream graphics, it is quite nice what they`ve done with it, and on an X console it does look quite nice. How it fares on a standard console I`m not too sure, but Metalhead have done a good job with their X improvements.

Super Mega Baseball 2 is a game that I`ve enjoyed my time with so far, and if you can look past the early on learning the controls and mastering the basics, especially on batting, then you do have quite a fun game. With the game currently part of the Games with Gold at the moment too, you`ve got something that you can jump on with your friends, and I`d recommend getting it downloaded before it leaves the program, and goes up to the price of £23.99.

Developer: Metalhead Software
Publisher: Metalhead Software
Website: Super Mega Baseball 2
Twitter: @MetalheadSoft / @SupMegBaseball 

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