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Our Xbox One Review of Tesla vs Lovecraft If you remember rightly I reviewed a game a couple of weeks ago called Xenon Valkyrie and I strongly proclaimed that any arcade games that still look like they are stuck in 80’s should stay there. Well Tesla vs Lovecraft is a good old fashioned arcade game ..

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Tesla Vs Lovecraft – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of Tesla vs Lovecraft

If you remember rightly I reviewed a game a couple of weeks ago called Xenon Valkyrie and I strongly proclaimed that any arcade games that still look like they are stuck in 80’s should stay there. Well Tesla vs Lovecraft is a good old fashioned arcade game that is set for todays gamers and I love it.

From the developers of Sparkle 2, Jydge, and Xenoraid comes another Xbox classic from 10tons Ltd. Tesla vs Lovecraft is a very unique take on an all out war between one of the greatest minds in Nikola Tesla and best selling horror author H.P. Lovecraft. The war is full on madness and it reminds of a game called Cactus Android where you fire an endless amount of bullets to defeat wave upon wave of enemy. But unlike Cactus android where you face machines this game is based on true horror writers bread and butter. I’m talking zombies, parasites, abominations and worst of all spiders and lots of them.

I was a bit upset that I was only able to play one side in the Tesla vs Lovecraft affair as I spent all of it playing on the side of Tesla. I would have liked if we could play both sides and set my hoards of ghastly beings onto the unsuspecting enemy. But hey-ho it wasn’t to be, but it could be a future DLC option….. Hint, Hint.

As mentioned above you mainly play as Tesla and your objective is to beat as many enemies as possible to get to the next round and eventually unlock chapters. You start every round with nothing but a pistol (which is super annoying when you have 50 things coming at you) and you have to try and survive long enough for a random weapon to become available. The higher level you unlock the better weapon you are likely to get… eventually. To start off with you get weapons such as your basic revolver, shotguns and assault rifle, as you progress through the levels more advanced weaponry becomes available. So you get to start playing with energised shotguns and assault rifles with far more power, and enjoyability factor.

The best part of this game apart from the fear of being killed by hundreds of things chasing you down faster then a cheetah hunting a gazelle, are the power ups. So throughout the stage of a level you gain random drops of things that will help you through the level some of them are basic like Heal, shield, or time warp (very handy), others give you weapon benefits like fire bullets and in some cases extra weapons like scatter shot or X-ray blade. Some of these are pretty cool and would suggest trying them all in earlier stages so you know what’s best to use for the latter stages of the game. My personal favourite type of these particular power ups is the nuke… does what it says on the tin.

Along with the power ups come perks, which are obtained by gaining levels on that particular stage. The more ghouls you kill the higher levels you get. Now these perks are very handy, and I personally like to try and save them for as long as possible, I should use them straight away but don’t really see any benefits until I have 4/5 active. These perks are brilliant, from extra speed to extra bullet damage and everything in between. My personal favourite perks so far are ricochet bullets (bullets that bounce of walls) and the death ray …. a 3 inch ray of destruction … just be careful not to overheat.

However the ultimate weapon of destruction is what you need to be looking for in any level. The “Tesla-Mech” battle robot. This obtained by collecting multiple parts around the map (about 6) and then when ready smash that A button and release hell on those vile creatures. The more you kill the “easier” it gets there are kill counters for each creature and every time you surpass that amount you get extra damage against those creatures.

If for some strange reason you get bored of story mode there is also a survival mode where it really is an endless battle, the only downside to this game is the lack of options. So at the start you have is play and co-op you have to somehow navigate through the options to get to survival mode, where this should have been available at the start up screen.

A classic heart stomping game for under a tenner you would be silly to leave it alone, graphics could have been a little better but overall a great game.

Publisher: 10tons Ltd.

Developer: 10tons Ltd.

Twitter: @10tonsLtd

Price: £9.59 games with gold

Review code supplied by 10tons

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