The Oppressor MK 2 Hits GTA V

The worst thing to happen to GTA Online gets an upgrade:

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been one of, if not the most, successful game in history. Developers have learnt from how well Rockstar have done and to give them credit, they’ve done extremely well. But in recent years, GTA Online has suffered a little. The controversial “loot box” mechanic found in other games hasn’t applied to Grand Theft Auto, but microtransactions are still in place.

These microtransactions mean that people who have enough money can buy their way to the top, and use the most elite vehicles and buildings. Vehicles in the game can cost upward from £50 real life money, almost the same price of the game on release! It’s ludicrous.

On the whole, these haven’t really bothered me, apart from the Oppressor (the flying motorbike from hell). This is the epitome of evil in GTA. I never used to have a problem with the tank, the crazy helicopters or the jets. But the oppressor is a whole new kettle of fish. Air vehicles have always had superiority in GTA, unless you had a lock on rocket launcher. And that was the way things were. Now, not only the ground isn’t safe, the air isn’t either.

This means players who aren’t necessarily looking to cause a fight in the air, can now be easily blown up by a flying motorbike. It’s the ultimate death machine, and one you can’t destroy. The original Oppressor cost in the region of three and a half million dollars to buy. This meant that if you blew one of these things up, you’d be looking at a £20k insurance fee.

Imagine that. Some high horse idiot has rode along on his flying bike, blown you up several times and when you finally target him down, you have to pay 20k. That is what the oppressor does, it royally cheeses everyone off.

And now…they’ve gone and added a MK2. Now quicker, and perhaps more deadlier. This version costs roughly £3,800,000 and it’s honestly ridiculous.

All those who haven’t spent money on shark cards get quickly gunned down, if you find yourself at the mercy of one of these players, and it’s a real slap in the face. A vehicle of this magnitude, this power, should not be allowed in the game in my opinion. But alas, it is here.

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