The Surge: Good, Bad, and Augmented – Xbox One Review

Our review of the new DLC for the Surge

When I first reviewed The Surge, back in May 2017, it was a game that I had been pretty excited for. The trailers had looked decent (As they do most games – the finished products then tend to be completely different) and I was excited to get to grips with it. But ultimately, it left me frustrated and quite disappointed. Since launch, we`ve seen the reveal of a complete edition, the reveal of The Surge 2 which hits next year, and two DLCs. The first, A Walk in the Park, and the second, that comes in the form of The Good, The Bad and The Augmented. I`ve tried to get back to grips and jump back into the Surge, but unfortunately, it has left me in a position as the first time I played it. And the new DLC, is going to do nothing for that.

The Good, The Bad and The Augmented introduces an episodic style content and are accessible via a location point scattered throughout the game, known as the Peril Chamber. Episodes are unlocked as the game continues and are unlocked in groups of three, and will take you to a western theme, where you must play through and defeat the Supervisor, who is the protagonist of the DLC. In addition to this, it also gives you a few more weapons to play with in the game and unlocks.

The Surge felt slightly repetitive throughout in it`s base game, and it`s the same with the new DLC on offer. It feels the same throughout, and nothing different, and even some of the locations used feel like some of the previous locations you`ll have played through in a different shape or form. There doesn’t seem to have been much originality thought here. At the end of each episode you`ll come face to face with a boss, where you`ll have to use your skills and expertise to dodge your way out of their direction and defeat them. Some of them will take some time, and some of them I found difficult (I never quite grasped the combat system and wasn’t a keen lover of it – and still am not to this day). You do have the option to change the way you play the game with modifications – which can make what appears to be quite a dull piece of DLC more enjoyable.

Effectively, if you`ve played through The Surge, and you`ve enjoyed the game, then chances are you`ve most likely brought the DLC already. But, if you`ve not, then don’t. It feels very repetitive in parts, and for me, feels something that`s been forced out, and perhaps run out of the ideas tank. Some of the locations are used too much, although in some shape or form, and is a bit of a disappointment. I`ll be keeping an eye on the next Surge title, because I hope it’s a lot better than what this one was.

Thanks to Indigo Pearl for the review code.

Developer: Deck13 Interactive
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Website: The Surge
Twitter: @Deck13_de / @FocusHome / @TheSurgeGame

Price: £7.99

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