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The Final Season of The Walking Dead so far – Our Xbox Review I absolutely adore the Telltale games. Having played many of them, from the first season of The Walking Dead back in 2012 to the Wolf Among Us to the two Batman series, I love their style of games. The story-driven and gripping ..

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The Walking Dead: The Final Season – So far – Xbox One Review

The Final Season of The Walking Dead so far – Our Xbox Review

Telltale Walking Dead Final Season BannerI absolutely adore the Telltale games. Having played many of them, from the first season of The Walking Dead back in 2012 to the Wolf Among Us to the two Batman series, I love their style of games. The story-driven and gripping titles that have made some of their characters fan favourites and known amongst gamers.

A bit of quick background though. Of course, in September last year, we got the news that Telltale Games were being laid off and shutting as a major studio, which I am absolutely devastated about. It`s not nice at all to see any studio being shut down because of financial or other stricken issues, but being a huge lover of the Telltale Games, I was in shock and dismay. Of course, Telltale had been working on their most recent release, and that comes in the form of the final season of The Walking Dead. Having released Episode 1 the month before the news of closure, the rest of the season was up in the air whilst talks went on about how to approach the rest of the season going forward. Later, it was revealed that SkyBound Entertainment would be picking up The Walking Dead and carrying on the production of the remaining episodes, so we would see the end of Clementine, the game`s protagonist, and her story.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season launched in August last year, and to date has seen the first thre episodes released, with the final episode set for release at the end of March. The season follows Clementine, the now-teenage Protagonist who we`ve followed throughout the 4 WD seasons, and AJ, Alvin Junior, the child that Clem has been raising throughout and is now a grown up child who fends and fights for himself (You need to have played through the last few seasons to really understand the back-story of the characters as they all interlink) as they carry on surviving the world and fighting against the Walkers that are people who are infected and have turned. Whilst on the road, they come across a group of teenagers and kids, who are fighting to survive and have set up base in a school which is fortified and their home. Having been accepted into the group, Clem and AJ and the group go through a rollercoaster of emotions and must come together after everything to do one thing: survive.

One thing you`ll notice through playing through the first two episodes is that the story develops a lot quicker than the previous seasons, and that`ll be because this season only consists of four episodes rather than the traditional 5, we`ve seen from Telltale in the past. We`ve seen some episodes in the past that have felt like they`ve dragged out in terms of the content and the development of the characters and story, but this season is fast-paced, and I must say from a development perspective it goes at a good pace. The concept of the game remains truthful to the Telltale Games and that the game is very story-driven and conversational based. Answers that are given to characters will influence the game and character decisions, and SkyBound have stayed true to that since taking over the development, which is fantastic to see, and I think was vital. I`m not sure how much a positive reaction would have been around had things been changed dramatically, so to see it stay true to a Telltale game is fantastic. In addition to the conversations you`ll have throughout the game, some of which will influence Clem`s relationships with other characters, both impactfully and romantically, there are also many action sequences where you`ll need to fight off Walkers and other characters, and this continues from the previous games we`ve seen across from Telltale, and not just the previous seasons of The Walking Dead.

Something that appears to be new, especially for a Walking Dead game, is that you also will be rewarded for exploring and interacting with certain characters and conversations. If you`re an achievement hunter, then you`ll be pleased to know that there are more achievements than just completing part of an episode. Telltale Games have historically been quite good games for hunters that are after that Gamerscore, but this season more has been added to fully achieve the game, and it will include finding collectibles throughout the episodes and decorating your room at camp (Which I really enjoyed – if you explore everywhere in the episode then you`ll collect everything as you go along) and also interacting with certain characters and scenarios. It feels a bit more thought out this time around, and not just working through the game and fully completing it Gamerscore wise as you go along.

If you`re on an Xbox One X console, then you`ll be pleased to know that the game is X enhanced and looks nice. Of course, keeping in touch with Telltale`s artistic approach, some of the colours are brighter and some of the environments look nice. The use of HDR is good throughout, and Telltale and SkyBound have done a good job with enhancements.

The Walking Dead Final Season was a season that started in high anticipation as it would close off what has been arguably Telltale`s best work and most recognized work. After the closure of Telltale back in September I am glad that SkyBound agreed to take on the project and finish it off. This season is fast-paced, full of great story-driven conversations and action sequences, and after three episodes so far, has left us on a cliff-hanger wondering what is going to happen in the final episode. The final episode launches on the 26th March 2019, so if you`ve not already picked it up, then you`ve got plenty of time to get up to speed with the season so far. Stay tuned for our review of Episode 4 when it launches.

Developer: Telltale Games

Publisher: Telltale Games
Website: The Walking Dead: The Final Season
Twitter: @telltalegames

Price: £19.19

Season Pass supplied by Reinassance PR


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