Ubisoft E3 Presentation – Our Impressions

Ubisoft have always had fun and interesting E3 shows and this year I was feeling really excited about some of the content that was potentially going to be on show, we knew well in advance that there would not be any sign of Assassins Creed this year with it taking a year off but there were plenty of the usual leaks and rumours floating around in the build up.

They opened the show with the Assassins Creed orchestra which is touring and this for me was a better opening than last year.

With Amazon UK recently leaking Watchdogs: Legion there was no secret that this was going to be at the show and it roared onto the screen early doors, the video showcase showed London in a post Brexit almost apocalyptic world with it now being a locked down militant state overrun with enforcement and drones.

The video gave us a real insight into how the world has changed and Dedsec has evolved with it, you get to play any of the NPC’s by recruiting them into the Dedsec world, we saw a real slice of variety with anything from your typical hacker through retired MI5 agent to elderly lady doddering along hacking into the corporation ‘Albion’ to help the cause.

The game looks great and I was really impressed with the ability to interact and recruit anyone floating around in the world, Clint Hocking came on stage to talk in a bit more detail and I loved his description of ‘your grandad is using crypto to purchase a new kidney on the black market’ it gave a real idea of what they are aiming for, there is definitely a much darker vibe here than Watchdogs 2, I’m really looking forward to this coming out on 6th March 2020.

Next up we had a visit to the stage from Rob Mcelhenney of ‘Always sunny in Philadelphia’ fame, he was talking about him working with Ubisoft on a new TV series for Apple TV + called Mythic Quest: Ravens Banquet which looks like a mildly interesting comedy based on him being a Creative Director on the game of the programme title which is the worlds biggest MMO, we’ll see how this pans out.

We were then treated to a video presentation of the Brawlhalla crossover with adventure time which was released the same day as the presentation, having not really played Brawlhalla this looked like it would mainly appeal to the brawler audience.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint was recently given a world premiere and again was no secret that we would see more here at E3, following Microsoft having Keanu Reeves owning the stage as part of the Cyberpunk 2077 presentation Ubisoft had The Punisher himself Jon Bernthal and his dog on stage to talk about his part in the game as the leader of The Wolves, as we have previously seen this looks like a really good evolution of the Ghost Recon franchise and I’m definitely looking forward to this one filling the gap until Watchdogs Legion releases.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint launches on 4th October 2019 and there will be a Beta running from 1 month earlier on September 5th.

There was very little let up in the pace of the show as we jumped into a video presentation of a mobile game called Tom Clancy Elite Squad, this looks like 2.5D tactical shooter using all the characters from the Tom Clancy universe, coming soon to Android and iOS this looks like it will be a free to play game with in app purchases.

After seeing the dancing panda as part of Just Dance at the beginning of last years show I was king of expecting it to pop up somewhere and I wasn’t wrong, Just Dance 2020 hit the stage with a very cringey but fun routine including, yes you guessed it….. the dancing panda!

A brief video presentation followed showing For Honor: Shadows of the Hitokiri which looked very much like a continuation of the work that has kept For Honor running really well since its challenging launch.

All through the presentation I was wondering if we would see Splinter Cell at any point after the recent tweets by that alluded to it being worked on and then denied as a joke and my heart skipped a beat as the next video started wondering if we were about to see it but unfortunately it wasn’t’ to be, the video showed a new Rainbow 6 game subtitled Quarantine, which we learned is a 3 player Co-op PVE game to run alongside its older PVP brother Rainbow 6 Siege, this looked really interesting and if it gets half the support that Siege has received this could be running for a long time.


We got an insight into the Year one content roadmap for The Division 2 next showing us what we would be getting for Episode 1 in July set in the DC Outskirts, then Episode 2 set in Autumn this year set at the Pentagon and finally Episode 3 called Manhunt which will likely be early 2020, the video for this seemed to show a return to New York to hunt down a Division Agent turned bad, which looks interesting.

We also learned that The Division movie is being worked on with Netflix.

Next up on stage was the VP Brenda Panagrossi talking about Ubisofts entry to the subscription model similar to EA/Origin Access called Uplay Plus, it sounds currently like it is PC only giving you access to over 100 games and costing $14.99 per month, this launches in September 2019 and will also be coming to Google Stadia in 2020.

Continuing in the PC vein we were treated to a free to play game called Roller Champions which they were pleased to tell us there was a demo available the same day to play on PC, the game looks like roller derby crossed with scoring goals with some style as you fight and jump around the arena, I’ll reserve judgement on this until I can get a hands on.

Finally we get President Yves Guillemot on stage to thank everyone who plays for their love and introduce us to Marc-Alexis Cote to introduce a sneak peek of his new game Gods and Monsters coming February 25th 2020.

Unfortunately no sign and not a peep of Splinter Cell ended this on a sad note for me but there are some really good prospects here from Ubisoft, definitely some cracking titles coming to Xbox and who knows maybe we’ll see Splinter Cell announced next year.


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