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Our Xbox One Review of UFC 3 UFC is the largest MMA promotion in the world so if anyone could turn it into the perfect video game that would of course be EA. With loads of different modes available and various fighters to play as there is so much available for you to do. The ..

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UFC 3 – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of UFC 3

UFC is the largest MMA promotion in the world so if anyone could turn it into the perfect video game that would of course be EA. With loads of different modes available and various fighters to play as there is so much available for you to do.

The first thing I did when I loaded up UFC 3 was create my own fighter. There are so many options that you can do when creating your own fighter. It will first ask you if you want to create a male or a female fighter so this will obviously choose which gender you face off against. One you choose your gender you get to choose which weight class you want. The men have a total of 8 weight classes varying from flyweight all the way to heavyweight. The women however only have 2 weight classes, Strawweight or Bantamweight. Once you select your weight class it will ask you what sort of fighting style you want to choose. There a five options which are Striker, Brawler, Balanced, Grappler and Submission Specialist. Each of these offer different fighting styles to this instantly made me want to make more than one fighter so I can experience the different areas. This is where the options are endless, you will have to name your fighter (obviously). Then you have to do the rest of the general information such as date of birth and nationality. I would just like to point out that Wales isn’t an option. There are lots of places available in England and the rest of the UK including Liverpool and Irvine in Scotland however there isn’t anywhere in Wales. They could have at least added Cardiff.

Anyway moving on to the appearance of your fighter. You can edit everything about your fighter from their face to their tattoos and even their ring gear. There is even an option to download your game face from EASports website so it will give you a of your own face. After you are done with your appearance you can select their skills that they will use in matches. The style that they walk to the ring and their posture in the ring. Finally you can select specific moves for your fighter and set them up with controls that suit you.

Once I had finished creating my fighter ‘Chad Wong’. I wanted to see what fight modes were available. There were 5 different types of fighting modes to play against AI or a local multiplayer. You have regular 1v1 fight, knockout mode which is pretty self explanatory and Submission showdown which you can practice your submission moves. There are over fight modes available for you to try including custom fight where you can try different options such as how fast your health recovers etc.

There are other events for you to try out including Tournament mode which you can choose how many fighters you want to compete and see how far you get. I enjoyed playing this mode as their was a feature you could turn on which means your health carries over to the next fight. This means you want to knock out your opponent as quickly as possible while taking minimal damage. There is 30G available for you if you can win a 16 person tournament with a single fighter which was actually quite tricky to get.

Moving on from this and after getting a bit of practice I decided it was time to play online. With two game modes available which are Online Quick Fight or Ranked Championships I decided it was better to go for the prior. After a few losses and eventually a win I took a look at Ranked Championships. This game mode is really something special and not like anything I have seen before. You really do need to earn your title belts in this mode. If you win 3 matches in a row you will get a number 1 contenders match. If you win that you get a championship match. You guessed it, win that and you’re the champ. After that defend your championship by winning all your matches and building a streak. Keep in mind if you lose ANY match during this mode you will have to start all over again.

There is a mode similar to this in Ultimate Team called Ultimate Championships. This is exactly the same but you use your Ultimate Team. There is also Single Player Championships that is the same but offline. When I first heard that there was an Ultimate Team in UFC 3 I was a bit worried as I wasn’t sure how it would work or if they could pull it off. They did. You have a team of 4 fighters. One lightweight, One Middleweight, One Heavyweight and One Women. You then choose which mode you want to play and choose who you want to use from your team. Just like any other Ultimate Team you have to open packs and collect players and consumables. Then attach these consumables to your fighter to boost their chemistry.

The last mode I want to talk about it career mode. In my opinion this is the best mode in the game and the best career mode I have ever played. You start off as a rookie (you can use your custom fighter but all their stats will be lowered). Your gym is your basement but when you have a couple of fights and Dana White himself scouts you, you earn more money and are able to get better gyms. I really liked the fact that they got Dana White to record cutscenes for the game it’s a really amazing feature. Without giving away too much of the career you start from the bottom and the aim is to become the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time). You have X amount of weeks between fights and you have to decide what you’re going to do during them, whether this be training, promoting the fight or just having a lazy week.

I should probably mention that I am a WWE fan but I would much rather play this than any WWE game. I prefer almost everything in this game and I am no where near the biggest UFC Fan. I did like the fact that CM Punk is in the game and that he is also a coach at one of the gyms however I couldn’t seem to find Brock Lesnar anywhere.

Whether you’re a UFC fan or not I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is after sometime to play for a while with a good career and online modes.


Price – £59.99


Website – UFC 3 – EA

Publisher – EA Sports

Review code supplied by XCN

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