The Vanir Project: A Q&A Exclusive

We sit down with the team behind Nightmare Boy to find out more

At AbsoluteXbox, we are very lucky to have had the chance to speak with The Vanir Project, who are the two man developer team behind the new release, Nightmare Boy (Which you check out our Review of and our prize giveaway that we are currently running at the moment)  as we discussed their project Nightmare Boy, the game, and what`s next.

Who are the Vanir Project? Who does the team consist of?

We are a two men team: Mr. Garcai, in charge of design and animation, and Víctor Ávila, coder and developer.

For those who havent heard of Nightmare Boy, can you tell us what it is about?

Nightmare Boy it’s an action/adventure 2D game. It mixes platforming, combat and exploration, everything wrapped in an environment that mixes childish and nightmare looking. In the game, you’ll be Billy, a kid dragged into a nightmare world, where he’ll become Rolok. Billy will have to fight to wake up and go back to his world and, at the same time, he’ll have to help other kids to wake up their own nightmares.

Described as an action/adventure 2D Platformer, what can we expect to see in terms of the game?

The player has a total control of the character: he can jump, double and triple jump, grab from walls, hit, use magic and even carry some kind of mascot with him that will help Billy fight his enemies. We’ll discover the entire world while getting all of Billy’s abilities, one at a time.

How long has it taken to get from the first initial ideas to the final release?

It’s been nearly four years since the first idea we have. From there, there’s been a learning period for both team members while we’ve been developing the game.

It`s being released on both console and PC  – Was there any difficulty in terms of having to create a different port version for console and one for PC? Or was it very easy to do?

Being our first game, every aspect of the game we faced has been a real challenge. With the help of Badland Games and the Unity Community, the development process has been less complex than we initially thought.


Graphically I really like the way that Nightmare Boy has been presented – How long did that take to do? Drawing up all the graphical elements?

Mr. Garcai has been creating enemies, environments and characters from day one. A lot of designs from 3 or 4 years ago has been discarded for not having enough quality or, in the best case, has been redesigned. We’ve made the game in our spare time… there’s been a lot of evenings and weekends working during all these years.

You`ve said a bit about the option of being able to explore and collect rare items and other bits and pieces – Do you feel that you`ve given enough to gamers in terms of offering longevity on Nightmare Boy? Are collectibles going to be easy to gather or are they going to be difficult and take some time?

Making a bigger map wouldn’t have helped us make a better game or a more interesting story. And the same happens with the longevity; the playtime is good enough to let us tell the story of Rolok and his family, and what’s behind the dream and nightmare world. In terms of collectibles, instead of spending time exploring, the player will need to focus on special parts of the map. With this collectibles, we want to somehow reward the curious player, the one that explores every inch of the map; that’s why we have included three different endings to the game, depending on the amount of collectibles grabbed by the player.

Are there any other projects in the pipeline for The Vanir Project?

Right now, we’ll work to get Nightmare Boy on other platforms (like Nintendo Switch). We have ideas for a second project, but it’s still in an early design phase.


Thank you ever so much to The Vanir Project for answering our questions, and thanks to Badland Games for making it possible.

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