Venom Vertical Charging Stand Review

The first thing that strikes me about the Venom Vertical Charging Stand for Xbox One S or One X is that it actually feels pretty sturdy, I’ve seen other stands people have been using which have felt to me like the whole unit would topple over, this takes up a decent base to give it a steady balance.

The left side of the stand incorporates two charging docks for your pads to sit in when not in use and comes with two rechargeable battery packs included, the Venom logo’s beneath each pad indicate the charging status with the lights changing from Red to Green to indicate charge levels, over on the opposite side of the base there are slots for six disc cases to be stood vertically into the base giving you some storage for any physical copies you are playing currently.

Inside the base there are two soft rubber pads with a non slip coating to support the machine once it is in place, there are also four spring loaded pressure clips that will push against the sides of your machine to really securely hold the unit in place.

In addition to the charging docks for the pads there are also two USB charging ports on the side of the base enabling you to plug in any other peripherals you may need to charge such as headsets or even your phone, you just have to take into account all of the power supplied to the stand is from an USB port on the back of your XBox not from a mains charge.

The unit I tested was the white set which although you can fit an Xbox One X into the base it just didn’t gel with my Black One X (although some may prefer the contrast) the unit is also available in Black, however once I sat my Son’s white One S into the base it really did look smart stood vertically in the base.

In use the facility to just sit your pad onto the charging stand is one of the best features here, no worrying about plugging the pad in or removing rechargeable batteries and putting them on charge, just pick up and go, the only caveat here is if you have the elite controller, I found in testing that if you use the rechargeable battery kits with the elite controller when you sit it on charge the paddles get in way just enough to make the charging hit and miss so you just need to remove the paddles.

This stand offers really good value for money as you can currently pick up the Black stand for £24.99 and the White for £29.99 from Amazon UK, given what you may spend on batteries if you are in the market for a vertical stand in my opinion this should definitely be one to consider.

With thanks to Venom UK and LittleBIG PR for the review hardware.

The stand is available in Black or White from Amazon UK for £24.99-£29.99

Other stockists include Argos, Currys and Game in the UK




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