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A preview ahead to Vigor

When I first saw Vigor, it was a game that I had instantly taken a bit of a looking too. Being developed by Bohemia interactive, the team behind Day Z, I was really looking forward to seeing how Vigor would fair and is going to fare over the next few months. It is an Xbox Preview Program title, which means that over the next few months, we`re going to get hopefully lots of updates, before it`s full release later. I always say that that is the beauty of the program, seeing the game develop over time, and being given the platform to give feedback to the developers to make the game better.

Now, the issue with the Preview Program is that some games launch in quite a bad state. I know that`s the point of the Preview Program, and I mentioned earlier about enjoying being part of the program and being the beauty, but Vigor is a title that now, appears to be very early in its stage.

The game was revealed earlier this year at E3, and is described as a survival game where you must survive and kill other enemies before escaping the map. Being able to play across two different maps now, you must survive and kill other enemies before trying to escape a massive radiation cloud, which is going to wipe you out, and you avoid that by escaping the map through several different points. You pick up weapons and enable them before going into battle with other players, and of course that radiation cloud. However, I guess like true survival form, if you die, you lose all your weapons, and not just for that round. You lose them completely which means that you`ll need to collect them again if you`re to take them back into the warfare.

So a little bit about the concept of the game. The game itself for the stage of development looks really nice – it`s really bright in some aspects and it shows off the environment – I`m not 100% sure how early in development the game is and how far down the line we can expect a full release of Vigor, but, it is a game that visually does look nice. Of course, I never base a game of whether it looks beautiful or not, but trust me, it is nice to look at when you`re playing through a game and these stunning surroundings.

So, into the game so far, and Vigor offers quite small maps. Don’t go expecting humongous maps, and although they may look quite big from maps and what not, they don’t come across that big in game. Personally, on a game like this, I think it works better with smaller maps.

Now, of course, a big part of Vigor is going to involve killing other members, and relying on a combat system that of course works well. This is where Bohemia need to improve on, dramatically, because the combat system now is very tricky and difficult, and to be frank, completely all over the place. You can be rather close to a player trying to kill them and miss completely, and it just feels completely out of orientation. Of course, I`m looking forward to seeing this develop and hopefully improve in the future, because there is no way that Vigor can launch with the combat system in the state it is in now. I hope they don’t.

The concept of the game is good, and the concept of the game is not bad. As I`ve mentioned, I`m not too sure how early in the development that Vigor is and how far down the line we can expect to see a full release out. I did read a rumour somewhere that the game was fully meant to be releasing at some point this year, which I`ll be looking forward too, and I`ll also be looking forward to playing over the next few months when game updates are revealed. I don’t think it`s a bad title so far based on what I`ve played, but some aspects of the game, most notably the combat system, need a lot of work before it`s fully released. Either way, I`m looking forward to seeing where the game takes us and how the game develops over the next few months.

You`ll be able to find a full Xbox One review of Vigor when the game fully launches.

Developer: Bohemia Interactive
Publisher: Bohemia Interactive
Website: Vigor (Game Preview)
Twitter: @bohemiainteract / @vigorthegame

Review code supplied by Bohemia Interactive


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