World of Warships: Legends – Game Preview Impressions

World of Tanks never really seemed to grab my attention despite giving it a couple of brief visits, when World of Warships first launched on the PC I dabbled and was pleasantly surprised at how much it sucked me in so when World of Warships: Legends was announced for Xbox I was quite happy.

Looking at the game in its current state as part of the Game Preview program is probably where it is at its most basic and even now you can see that this has a boatload of potential (pardon the pun).

Essentially as the game exists now it looks and plays great, graphically it is missing some of the more elaborate flourishes from the current PC version including more variety of maps.

The core gameplay will involve you and your team taking out the enemies ships generally from a fair distance away, it will take you a bit of time to get used to aiming your guns and watching the position of them on your ship along with the reloading progress before you unleash your next salvo, it is really satisfying when you land a complete salvo smack bang on the deck of your enemy as you simultaneously manoeuvre your ship into the cover of an island.

With the game being free to play there are obviously plenty of purchases that you can make and there are some decent value founders packs currently available while the game is in preview, the premium ships tend to have much better stats and the founders packs will more importantly unlock more positions in your roster of ships that you can use in battle.

Essentially you can take a ship into battle and if you get sunk then you can quit the battle and immediately take one of your other ships out into another battle if you have multiple ships, this will enable you to earn more experience and rewards, especially if your team manages to pull off a win without you.

There are a number of purchases available using either doubloons which will generally allow you to buy the more powerful vessels and this is the premium currency that you need to purchase to generally have enough to buy anything or also there are purchases using credits that you earn with you battles which will generally pay for upgrades to your weapons a and also to improve the tier of your ships too.

Currently the game allows you to simply select to either play against the AI or go up against other players, queuing for the battle can sometimes take a little time to complete but once you are into the game I’ve not really struggled with any major issues during the actual battle.

Overall this is a really solid start to the game on Xbox and I’m really enjoying my time with it so far, I’m really hoping we’ll see more of the developments that have hit the PC environment and when we do this could be a great game, I’m certainly staying on the bridge with the engines the engines set to Ahead ¾ while this keeps getting more added to it.

Definitely one to keep an eye on.


Developer:       Wargaming Group Limited


Price:                 Free – £69.99

Twitter:             @wargaming_net / @WoWs_Legends


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