Batman Arkham Knight E3 2014 Preview

Rocksteady’s Batman trilogy reaches it’s epic conclusion with Batman Arkham Knight which is scheduled to be released sometime in 2015. The trilogy that started it all in 2009 finally makes its next gen debut and it’s no holds barred. New weapon abilities allow you to instantly switch directions during a glide using the grapple gun ..

Inside E3 2014 Preview

  Playdead the developer famous for Limbo have finally revealed their long awaited follow up, Inside. Four years in the making and surrounded by a veil of secrecy so tight even Ethan Hunt couldn’t sneak in and get a peek. Talking it’s graphical cue from Limbo, Inside is a stark and atmospheric looking game. Grey ..

Destiny E3 2014 Preview

  Bungie the creator and developer of the Halo series finally breaks away from the game that helped make the original Xbox such a success. Destiny is their brand new IP and so far things are looking good. Several hundred years into the future and mankind had spread out across the stars. But an event ..

Rainbow Six Siege Trailer Reveal

At E3 this year came the return of Rainbow Six along with it a name change from Patriots to Siege and that is exactly what was shown at E3 this year.  A co-op demo which seems to be fundamental to Ubisoft’s attack on the gaming market this year across many of their tittles.  In this ..

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Trailer

The Witcher 3 completes the legendary trilogy of the Witcher games with the latest title labelled “Wild Hunt” and has been described as a crowning achievement of the RPG genre and a master stroke by those that have had chance to sample the demo at this year’s E3. In this multi region expansive world you ..

Assassins Creed Unity Co-Op Trailer

Another year another Assassins Creed yes? Well you’d be right to think that and here we go again in this latest journey which sees your character, whose name isn’t mentioned in the video take down an individual who is aiding the starvation of the people of Paris during the French Revolution. What is shown at ..

Evolve Reveal Trailer

  At this year’s E3 we were shown something a little bit special in the form of Evolve which burst onto the scene which seemed to blow away the packed audience inside Xbox’s press briefing on Monday.  Evolve arrives on the back of former Left for dead producers which lands it in high regard amongst ..

Halo is coming to Xbox One

  Halo is the corner stone of Xbox; it was involved with 2 major parts in Xbox History, with the launch of the original Xbox and the launch of Xbox Live.  Fitting that Halo Complete collection is out November 11th, all the Halo games on one console, the Xbox one, for the very first time. ..

Nurburgring Coming to Forza 5

Forza 5 has released an old favourite in the form of the Nurburgring for free to download on Xbox One today! The 16 mile track which has featured in many of the recent Forza franchise games has been enjoyed by many a fan for its versatility and challenge which the Nurburgring offers. This is the ..

Call of Duty Ghosts

As you may have noticed it’s November, well it is when I’m writing this! And that means another Call of Duty instalment is upon but this year sees the return of Infinity Ward.  The past 2 years we have seen Treyarch take control of the Activision juggernaut with Blops and Blops 2 so will Infinity ..

The Thunder as the Ducks grab the Cup

As another season goes by, as is tradition on AG, we have the seasonal League Cup alongside the PFC League. Over the past 2 seasons @okid uko AbsoluteGaming have held a hard grip on the cup but was it time for someone to take over the mantle? Beginning in Round one draw FC Juventarse drew ..

Revolver Golden Gods Awards Live Stream on Xbox Live

In the early hours of April 12 Xbox 360 are going to be doing the very first LIVE STREAM on Xbox LIVE in EMEA – of the Revolver Golden Gods Heavy Metal and Rock Awards 2012! It’s kicks off pre-show coverage at 6pm LA time (2am UK / 3am CET), and the awards themselves start ..