Scream Ride Announced for Xbox One

Welcome to Scream ride, imagine roller coaster tycoon and then turn the madness up to max, a concept that we’ve seen many a time given a fresh new look and emphasis that your sure to enjoy! .

Evolve Distillery Trailer

After some pretty grim news that Evolve was going to be delayed gamers around the world were looking to see what Evolve would offer next after seeing a glimpse of the game at E3.  In this latest reveal the developers show us a map and gameplay from Evolve featuring Distillery.  Enjoy

PES 2015 Details Outlined

PES hits the next gen console with a brand new engine, poster boy and demo all in the next 3 months but will it compete with the might of FIFA?

Battlefield Hardline Trailer

In what seems an uncharactristic turn, Battlefield producers have now decided to ove away from their large open map warfare ideals to a more realistic cops and robbers style game.  Check out the latest trailer here

FIFA 15 Next Gen Goalkeepers

Its every FIFA players conundrum, how do i beat that goalkeeper.  In the latest round of FIFA updates from EA Sports we get a glimpse into the whole new challenge of beating that infamous enemy between the sticks

More Halo Details Announced

Today at Gamescon, Halo shows off its continued commitment to making Xbox One the best console it can be, with the following features announced

Forza Details Announced

Forza details have been released from Forza 5 to Forza Horizon, with lots to look at, firstly lets look at the new additions to Forza 5

Fable Legends Gameplay

For the first time in the Fable franchise you can play as the Villain in Fable Legends.  Only on Xbox One

Quantum Break

From the creators of Alan Wake and Max Payne comes a world being ripped apart through stuttering time, welcome to Quantum Break

FIFA 15 Legends and Bundle Announced

Today at Gamescon FIFA 15 featured in the Mircosoft press conference and detailed out new bundles and additions to the FIFA 15 Legends Ultimate Team.  The bundles include FIFA 15 and the Xbox, without Kinect for £349.99

Gamescon 2014

As you may or may not know Gamescon 2014 kicks off this week in style with the premiere of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer streamed live via the Xbox Live Event’s App, Twitch and You Tube on Monday 6pm. You can watch the exclusive Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer reveal: Here, here or here On ..