When I first had a little read into Laserlife, developed and published by Choice Provisions, I was really interested in it. Billed as a rhythmic game, you have the task of collecting “Memories” that will belong to a dead astronaut that is floating in deep space. You have the chance to extract these memories by ..

Castle Crashers Remastered Review – Xbox One

GAME – Castle Crashers RemasteredCreated and Developed by – The Behemoth It can sometimes be hard to review something that has already been released because most people who owned it on a previous console and will no doubt know what the script is. I am not one of those however, as this was one that ..

Blood Bowl 2 Review

Gaming spans all decades and all variety of past times and hobbies placed into a virtual world.  It gives you an opportunity to take part in things that you may never get to see and concepts you never really thought were possible or would work.  If ever there was a game that symbolised that it ..

Guns, Gore and Cannoli – Xbox One review

Guns, Gore And Cannoli does exactly what it says on the tin. This 2D run n gun shooter has its tongue firmly planted in its cheek and it’s not afraid to lampoon shooters and Hollywood of the past.

ClusterPuck 99 Review

ID @Xbox games come in all forms, some are elaborate, well animated masterpieces that simply don’t get the accolades they deserve.  Some on the other hand, are very basic and simplistic, they pull big budget graphics or high end engines relative for this category and some times they can by the diamonds in the rough ..

Rugby World Cup Review

Sports games spread far and wide around the industry, from table tennis to Hockey to Football, gamers have a full Pfeiffer of games to buy whichever is there passion.  One of those sports is Rugby, but Rugby has never had a franchise or a game in all honesty which has taken off and been successful.  ..

Extreme Exorcism – Xbox One Review

Extreme Exorcisms premise is as simple as it gets in theory. Exorcise ghosts from haunted locations. But the ghosts you are trying to exorcise are your former self which is a unique twist. You start each level against a haunted chair. That’s right I said a haunted chair. Once you have defeated the possessed furniture ..

Leo’s Fortune – Xbox One Review

Leopold the Golden is a fuzzball engineer who has amassed a huge fortune during his illustrious career. But as we all know in video game land any fortune is ripe for the picking and Leopold soon finds out his fortune has been stolen and he must now hunt it down.


Overruled is a recent addition to the Xbox Family, and has been developed by Dlala Studios and has recently just been released onto the One the past few weeks.   Let`s take a look at what Overruled is. Overruled is a 2D arcade type brawler, where you are the rules. You can use cards and ..

Rainbow Six: Siege Beta Impressions

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six has been one of those ‘maybe franchises’; it has some great aspects to their instalments but never really gripped players in a way where it had a leading game such as Battlefield or Call of Duty.  Rainbow Six Vegas, both the first and second, were very enjoyable but once you played ..


Everybody loves the circus. I use to love it as a kid, and to be honest, I still do. So, upon reading a little bit into Penarium, a fairly recent title released on the Xbox One, I was quite excited to get my hands to try it. I associate big magic and silly tricks at ..

Pumped BMX+

Pumped BMX +. Developed by Carbon and Published by Indie Developers Curved Digital, Pumped BMX + is the remastered version for the Xbox One, from the hit game Pumped BMX 2, Which was a huge success on both Android and i0S. I can`t say I played it regularly, a few times on occasions, but I ..