Strider – Review

Strider, the titular character in this game, is a ninja. Ninjas, by definition, are the epitome of stealth.  Developers Double Helix and Capcom Osaka seem to have taken this so much to heart, they refuse to even tell you how to play their game, instead shrouding it in a mystery which is left up to ..

Thief Review

  Plunged deep into a dark, violent gothic world, you fight your way through the streets, sticking to shadows to avoid being seen by any city watch guards. Caught and you’ll be hung that’s if they don’t stab you first. Get through though and the rewards are yours for the taking, and there is an ..

Rayman Legends Review

With the chance of any Mario game appearing outside a Nintendo console being less than absolute zero, and no recent Sonic games worth mentioning (sorry, Sonic fans. All 3 of you.), it falls to Rayman to carry the platform-game torch for the Xbox. Luckily for us, through both Legends and his previous outing, Origins, he ..

Warface Beta Review

While the Xbox one waits to bolster its meagre number of titles, the 360 continues to roll out a steady stream of games. Most notable in the last few months is the number of free games Gold members have been able to download. Some of these have been courtesy of Xbox’s ‘Games With Gold’ promotion, ..

Titanfall Beta Review

  Titanfall has been something which Xbox players have been salivating over since E3 2013, finally Respawn have unleashed the beta upon us, with 3 modes, 2 maps and a tutorial it’s time to enter what could be the next level in Xbox One gaming, its been tapped as that anyway.  Thanks to Xbox for ..

Review – Halo: Spartan Assault

While brief glimpses of Master Chief striding through the desert may be enough to sate a portion of Halo’s massive fan base, 343 Industries will be keenly aware that it is actual gameplay that will placate fans the most. So while the wait persists, it is left to Halo: Spartan Assault to fill the void. ..

Forza 5 IGN Car Pack Review

Throghout Forza Motorsport 5’s life on the Xbox One, turn 10 will continue to add DLC to its marketplace in terms of cars and one of those hitting shelves this month is the IGN Car Pac.  From a retro feel to something new and exciting this is an indepth pack with lots of potential so ..

Peggle 2 Review

I sit here with a grin from ear to ear; it’s not my fault honestly. It’s Peggle’s. This game simply makes you happy, and no I’m not smoking something funny. Peggle 2’s use of cool animations and family humour can’t help but make you chuckle and smile. It’s impossible to dislike this game. With main ..

Dead Rising 3 Review

The is the third time Capcom have risen the dead. The first was set in a shopping mall and launched the xbox 360, the second was in the casino’s of Las Vegas and now today this Xbox One launch game is set in a whole city called Los Perdidos. I played the first one a ..

Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag Xbox One Review

Assassins Creed games over the years, have generally stayed consistently strong.  While there have been some stumbles here and there with some iterations of the game not being quite as strong as they could/should be, after the disappointing first game it is fair to say that Ubisoft upped their game and have now got one ..

Zoo Tycoon Review

Simulation games have always been difficult to translate from keyboard and mouse to controller.  My all time favourite simulation experience was Rollercoaster Tycoon.  I lost many many hours designing my own rollercoasters, and my perfect theme park, but at no point did I feel that a controller would have suited the game.  Could Xbox One ..

Need For Speed Rivals Review

The Need for Speed series, are probably my favourite racing games.  I will always opt for arcade style racing over simulation.  And while the likes of Forza will always get my admiration for how pretty it is, and it’s attention to detail.  For pure fun with a controller, you can’t beat holding the gas pedal ..