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Our Xbox One Review of Yoku’s Island Express When I first heard about Yoku’s Island Express I couldn’t wait to give it ago. The first time I watched the trailer I couldn’t get over how amazing the graphics looked and it just looked like my sort of game. Everything from the designs of the characters ..

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Yoku’s Island Express – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of Yoku’s Island Express

When I first heard about Yoku’s Island Express I couldn’t wait to give it ago. The first time I watched the trailer I couldn’t get over how amazing the graphics looked and it just looked like my sort of game. Everything from the designs of the characters to the simple layout of text it all grabbed my attention.

The story is simple yet entertaining. You play as Yoku the Dung Beetle. Yoku has arrived on the island of Mokumana and looking forward to starting his new job delivering parcels throughout the island. Unfortunately for Yoku when he arrives on the island it is brought to his attention that an old god is trapped in a restless deep sleep. Its up to Yoku to wake him and bring the island of Mokumana back to it’s peaceful state and perhaps rebuild the post office too.

As mentioned the island of Mokumana used to be peaceful and relaxing however now it’s not so much. During your journey you will travel the whole island and meet so many people. From Cat/Mermaids that call themselves dolphins to bees, bunnies and a whole lot more.

I should probably mention how you travel across the map. One word… Pinball. That’s right its made up of pinball tables. How convenient for a Dung Beetle with a ball. If you remember playing Pinball back on the Windows XP then this is definitely the game for you. With LT and RT controlling both the left and right triggers it is very simple to control. Although it isn’t just a simple game of pinball, there are going to be obstacles to overcome and lots of them. From boulders to slugs to just about anything else you can think of.

There are of course ways to get around these obstacles and that’s to use certain items. I will only talk about ones you unlock earlier in the game so it doesn’t give much away but the first one I remember you getting is a party horn. It’s called a noisemaker and it’s pretty self explanatory. Blow into it and it makes a loud noice. This can be used to wake sleeping characters or to break certain objects. Another item you get is a slug catcher. Again pretty self explanatory as it sucks up slugs. Thing of it as a hoover that only works on slugs. These slugs then cover your ball that you carry around and can be use to break things or get past certain obstacles. There a variety of ways to travel outside of the pinball.

There is a beeline that is really fun to use but I will let you experience that yourself. As well as this you can also swim, walk and roll around the map. If you want to use the beeline or some other forms of transportation it may cost you. Not money but fruit. Fruit is the main currency on this island and everyone wants some. You can find fruit just about anywhere, from walking around the island to breaking stuff and even while in a game of pinball. You can only carry a certain amount of fruit but this can be upgraded throughout the game.

A couple of other things I enjoyed about this game were the frequent save points throughout the game. These can be found just about anywhere and it means you don’t have to worry about saving before turning your game off, which is something we don’t see much of anymore. One of the other things that stuck out for me was the soundtrack. From the main menu to the actual gameplay the whole soundtrack was really well fitting and it made you feel like you were right there on a relaxing island.


Yoku’s Island Express offers a total of 1000G over 31 achievements. However a lot of them are story driven meaning they are secret. A few that aren’t include unlocking all treasure chests for 30G which can be hard enough to get too without worrying if you have the funds to open it. Others include collecting every upgrade and try every ball style. These are both rare achievements at the moment and won’t be easy to get so don’t expect to be getting these anytime soon.

After playing Yoku’s Island Express I really enjoyed it and will continue to play this and try to finish the story and save the island. I would recommend you do the same as you won’t be disappointed.

Price – £15.99

Developer – Villa Gorilla

Publisher – Team 17

Review code supplied by Team17

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