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Our Xbox One Review of F1 2018 When somebody says ‘Racing Games’ the first thing some people think of is Forza, Need for Speed or Gran Turismo. The F1 games may not be the first that you think off, but after getting my hands on F1 2018 and playing it in depth it is now ..

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Our Xbox One Review of F1 2018

When somebody says ‘Racing Games’ the first thing some people think of is Forza, Need for Speed or Gran Turismo. The F1 games may not be the first that you think off, but after getting my hands on F1 2018 and playing it in depth it is now going to be one of the first (and one of my favourite) racing games. I should start off by saying this is the first game in the F1 series that I have actually played and I have heard a lot of reports that it is very similar to F1 2017. So take that into consideration when continuing to read this article.

Everyone has heard of Formula 1 (aka F1). Names like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are a couple of the biggest names and are names that are known to a lot of people whether you follow F1 or not. These are also two of the biggest drivers that you can play as in-game and even online. You will be able to drive all of the fastest modern F1 cars such as Ferrari and Mercedes however there are also Classic F1 cars available for you to drive. These cars date back all the way to the 1972 Team Lotus 72D and go through all sorts passing through the 1982 McLaren MP4/1B and you can even drive more recent cars like the 2010 Red Bull racing RB6. Some of these cars won’t be accessible in all game modes and some of them are exclusive to the Headline Edition of F1 2018.

Once you load up F1 2018 you will have a few different options available to play I am going to go through them all starting with Career. Career is my favourite mode on the whole game because there is so much involved. The first thing you will need to do is create your own racer. You can choose the name, style of your helmet and your nationality. After creating your racer you face a tough decision. Choosing who you want to race for. Obviously the majority of people are going to want to sign for the biggest teams such as Ferrari and Mercedes. However these teams are going to expect more from you than the smaller teams such are Force India who I decided to start off with. As per any F1 race weekend there are 3 practice sessions, a qualifying session and the main event which is the race itself. There are 6 test programmes that you can try out during these practice sessions which will help your team understand more about you, your car and the track. There are tests related to your tires, fuel consumption, breaks and more. Once you are finished with the practice sessions you will have to make it through one-shot qualifying. At first I was a bit unsure about one-shot qualifying because if you make one error you could end up qualifying bottom or even end up getting disqualified and start the race at rock bottom. After taking full advantage of the practice sessions and the tests I found the best possible way around the track and managed to qualify with the fastest time in every qualifying I have done to date.

Next up is the main event, the moment we all waited for. Before the race starts your team will offer you a couple of options. These are your plans for the race, this includes information about the car and how many pit-stops you should be making. Once you have selected your option you will start the race. There are a lot less laps than real life during your career with the average being about 13/14 laps per race. Make it through the race and you will be interviewed on how you think the race went. Here is where the biggest issue is for me. The lady will ask you a question and you have 3/4 answers to choose from HOWEVER by the time the lady has finished asking the question you only have around 5 seconds left to choose an answer. That is not enough time to read all the answers and choose the best one. Another issue I have with this is that occasionally all of the answers are bad options and it can ruin the moral of your team. Every 4 race weekends you have a contract negotiation, if you have performed well to date then you are more likely to get a better contract. You also have the option to negotiate with other teams, which is what I did when I let India Force for Renault. I should also mention that there is a nice feature that you get every 2 weeks. You will get invited to events on different tracks around the world to test out new cars and do different activities like time trails. Career mode is my favourite mode in F1 and possibly my favourite career in any racing game…

The next game mode available is Grand Prix. Before I get into this I wanted to mention that this is also the place where you can quick jump into a race. While hovering over the Grand Prix option simply press X and it will start loading up one of four short tracks. This is a good feature if you don’t want anything too serious or don’t have much time. As for Grand Prix. This is where you create your own Grand Prix or season. You can change the majority of things, such as how many practice sessions, which type of qualifying you want to do and which tracks you would like to be involved and much more. I like this game mode because there is so much customisation available and you can make it as long or as short as you like. As well as this you can also choose who you want to race as and which car you want to drive.

Next up is Multiplayer, you have 3 options here, Ranked, Unranked and Online Championship. I haven’t played Ranked as I haven’t got the experience. Unranked is where I spent the majority of my online game time. The searches are very efficient and the results screen is easy to understand. It is full of information and tells you how many people are in each lobby, what lap they are on and which track they are on. I like this feature because it’s so easy to find a game and it stops you joining a lobby when they are lap 1/20. Online Championship is an option that I haven’t had any experience in but would love to try it out. Online Championship allows you to start or join a championship with your friends. This is definitely a good feature and if my friends had this game I would have loved to have tried this!

Event is a game mode where you download a one time event. The one that is currently available requires you to jump into a pro’s car and get a podium finish. The twist is you are just coming out of the pits and the other racers are quite far ahead. Event only lasts a few days before it changes so be sure to check back and try them all out. It is really easy to load up and jump into the race which is good. Another game mode is Time Trail, this is exactly what you would think it is. Choose a lap and choose your racer and try to get the best time possible.

All in all I really enjoyed playing F1 2018. The graphics are amazing and the controls are so easy to pick up. There are loads of assists that you can add on or take off. There is so many ways that you can make this your own and play it your way! As with a lot of other games there is a ‘Flashback’ feature. This is where you rewind the game and continue before you had a big crash. This is always a good feature to have, at first I didn’t realise it was available so after one crash I was basically out of the race. As I mentioned at the start I have heard it is very similar to last years but having not played it I would definitely recommend you pick this up if you get the chance!

Price – £54.99

Publisher / Developer – Codemasters

Review Copy Supplied by Koch Media

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