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Our Xbox One Review of Fight’N Rage Fight ‘N’ Rage by Seba Games dev is a 2-D side scrolling beat em up in the retro styling of games like Streets of Rage and Final Fight. Can this scratch the retro beat em up itch or is this all style over substance. The story takes place ..

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Fight’N Rage – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of Fight’N Rage

Fight ‘N’ Rage by Seba Games dev is a 2-D side scrolling beat em up in the retro styling of games like Streets of Rage and Final Fight. Can this scratch the retro beat em up itch or is this all style over substance.

The story takes place on Earth. The Mutants have taken over; after the Earth suffered an electromagnetic pulse which has rendered all electronics useless. Now three brave Hero’s fight to defeat the BOSS and end the Mutant reign of Terror.
Whilst not the most original it is definitely a different type of Story line for a Beat em up with most either being about rescuing Girlfriends alla Double Dragon or Saving a City from a Crime Syndicate like in Streets of Rage. What I like most about the story is it is continually showed at the beginning of every stage in the same sort of way that was done by Temco in the original Ninja Gaiden games.
For those of you that are impatient or just don’t care about stories in Beat em Ups this game has you covered as all cutscenes are skippable and Fast forwardable. Which is great when you want to play through the game again or you just want a quick game before Work/School.

The Player is given three options for playable characters with more that unlockable later on.

GAL – Human – The most balanced character in terms or Speed and hits but has a short range

F. NORRIS – Human – He is the Ninja Master he has the longest reach but he is the most fragile

RICARDO – Mutant – Minotaur styled Mutant who is the strongest attacking character with medium reach and is built like a Tank.

All three characters have their pros and cons, but they all feel balanced in their playstyles. I would suggest playing as GAL first she is the easiest to play for newcomers and acts almost like an easy mode.
All of the character designs are very detailed and well done with minimal ghosting or artifacting.

The game plays as your average Beat em up as you move from Left to Right across the screen punching, kicking and special attacking your way along. Like all Beat em Ups you will also find a selection of items that can be picked up to be used as a weapon like Pipes, Knives and Bats. Also a selection that can be used to heal like Apples for small health regen and Chicken for 50% health regen. The final type of pickup is the special this includes 1 ups and special abilities like a frenzy mode and a shield mode.
As someone who has played a lot of Beat em Ups I have seen most combinations that can be done, whilst this may sound monotonous to some having the items in gives the player especially those of us who are old enough to remember the good old Days of 16-bit Beat em Ups a kick of Nostalgia.
With the weapon combos you also have move combos and a parry system this adds a level of skill and tactical properties to the game, Also no longer do you have to be in a situation where you can not block hits after getting trapped into an edge or corner. Each character has their own versions of combos his can include grappling and swinging other enemies into each other.

Most Stages are the same type you have seen before Alleyways Streets etc. This again is to hit those nostalgia buttons but also the game needs very straight areas to side scroll on. Whilst they are very well designed and interesting to look at due to their dark lighted nature it is sometimes very difficult to see enemy projectiles like knives that are thrown. At the end of each round the player collects coins, these coins are used to unlock extras like different costumes, modes and Tip cards. This really gives you a reason to smash as much as possible in the fanciest of ways.

In terms of enemies you have all the old favourite troupes:

Low Health minions who like to gang up on the player. Whipping female characters, big strong slower enemies and the projectile throwing enemies. What I will say to this is, yes it is good to have these genre staples in but where I wasn’t as keen was seeing the same few enemy designs again and again. We are now in the 21st Century with large game capacities we should not be seeing regurgitated characters level after level.

In addition to the normal Arcade mode you also have access to the Speed Running mode, having this mode built in really makes this game worth while for those of you in the Speed Running community. All scores are saved onto a Leaderboard for others to beat. You also have a VS Mode and Training mode.

The controls are very simple which is good for this style of game you have a jump button, attack button and special button. The controls whilst easy to remember do at times feel stuff especially in areas of intense action. This may be down to low levels of Desync or slow down. I would like to have seen more of a tutorial of the different characters special moves and combos instead of most of the time working them out somewhat at random.

Graphically this game is very impressive and is a great nod to the Retro games that this game was inspired by. With characters like Sumo Pigs and Doberman bodyguards this really does give this game a unique feel and presentation and really does make a change from punching and kicking bald dudes and Surfer bros.
To really amp up the Retro feel you have access to overlays like Scanlines and CRT mode to really give you that nostalgia kick.

The music to this game was made by Gonzalo Varela, with over 40 tracks of heavy metal, rock and funk to listen to. Each track matches the stages and action perfectly, this really adds to the overall package and is well worth a listen to just on its own.

Overall topping in at about 60 minutes this game is relatively short, but like most Beat em ups which were originally designed to be short Arcade experiences you really can not complain. If you are itching for more you have the options of different game modes and different character to play and unlock. So this game has plenty to offer a returning player.

Whilst this game sticks to its roots its style and setting really make it stick out and in my opinion it is well worth the time.

Developer: Sebagamesdev
Publisher:  Blitworks
Website: Fight’N Rage

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