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Our Xbox One Review of Forza Horizon 4 I have always preferred the Forza Horizon series over the Motorsport series and with the fourth instalment being based in good old blighty I was very much looking forward to this launching. Jumping into a Mclaren Senna for the now familiar initial drive to the festival on ..

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Forza Horizon 4 – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of Forza Horizon 4

I have always preferred the Forza Horizon series over the Motorsport series and with the fourth instalment being based in good old blighty I was very much looking forward to this launching.

Jumping into a Mclaren Senna for the now familiar initial drive to the festival on an Xbox One X takes your breath away at just how gorgeous this game is, that first few minutes had me going Wow!

Anyone who has played a Forza Horizon game before will know how this works and although Playground have made a lot of changes this year the core mechanics remain intact they have just taken all the previous work and made everything better…..Yes everything

This game looks truly stunning on the one X even on the one S this is a technical marvel for the performance they are squeezing out of the machine but if you want to experience the game at its best you need the X.

The biggest change this time is that the game is a persistent online world but you can select the level of interaction with others in your world yourself so it never becomes an irritation, the human players who are careering around your world can’t wreck your run to a speed trap or damage your danger zone jumps etc, they will just turn into ghosts as they pass you (or through you) which is great for the people who aren’t interested in being online and even applies to the online Forzathon Live events.

The other massive evolution of that game is the seasons, you will experience the four seasons in a quick turnaround during the initial drive to the festival but then also across the 4-5 hour section which introduces you to all the elements of the game before fully letting you loose on the world, by the time you have worked your way through this section you will be working your way through some of the Horizon Stories which have replaced the blueprints and likely completed some of the showcase events but it is at this point the game really opens up and comes into its own.

The Autumn season was the one I have spent most of the time with during my review of the game and it really showcases the engine with the variety of colour in the environment, the shades of the trees and the varying weather from sunshine to rain and wind, Winter is just as you would expect, bleak, white and slippy, very much along the lines of Blizzard mountain from the previous game.

Spring and summer also look great but the biggest benefit of summer is getting your hypercars up to top speed on the roads without slipping and sliding everywhere, driving a Lamborghini Huracan in the snow is not advisable in real life nor is it in the game (but without the repair costs)

The seasons will change on a weekly basis and alongside the daily refreshed challenges and Forzathon Live events this should vary the game and keep interest levels high over a longer period.

As you work your way around the world you will be smashing the now obligatory boards but instead of money this time they will give you influence, effectively another in game currency as you will need influence to further your career, you will also earn money as you go to purchase vehicles and houses, then we also now have Forzathon points which you will be able to spend at a separate shop for vanity items and some rare cars.

The vanity items and avatar dances are for me where the game is at its weakest, Playground games are obviously trying to capture some of the addictive nature that has sucked the worlds child population into Fortnite but my avatar dancing like a moron in the middle of the screen when I find a beauty spot in the game is just a little cringeworthy (especially when you are wearing a chicken suit and doing a two step), just give us the option to take them out of the scene altogether.

I know this is a minor irritation in such a fantastic game so I won’t let it bother me, you can alter the dance or actions that your avatar does when either showboating or celebrating and can pretty much completely change your entire appearance with accessories or clothes that you win on the wheelspins.

The roster of cars in the game is bigger than ever with around 450 cars from 100 manufacturers, Mitsubishi and Toyota/Lexus are both conspicuous by their absence but this is likely a licencing issue however there are plenty of alternatives there to play around with, the usual paint and decal options are available. The game will even separate out the cars which are primed for upgrading for you, there is even a Warthog from Halo there for purchase plus an event in the game where you will drive the warthog in a halo themed event.

I have loved every second of my time with this game and I won’t be putting it down for a very long time, totally and utterly recommended as this game is an absolute stunner from start to finish, the variation will keep people engaged for a long time and that’s without taking into account the two DLC which will come along and extend the world even more. Playground games deserve every plaudit and every piece of credit they get for this game as it is a true showcase for the Xbox. Microsoft must be very happy with their purchase.

If you like driving games as much as me you will love this game, I’m not sure that its possible not to love at least something in this game, and if you still aren’t sure with the game being available on day one on Game Pass there really is no reason not to try it even for just a month at £7.99, just be prepared to spend longer in the Horizon world than that!

And as a game pass subscriber you can also save 10% of the ultimate DLC upgrade price too

Developer:   Playgrounds Games

Publisher:   Microsoft

Twitter:   @Xbox @WeArePlayground @XboxGamePass

Price:  From £49.99 – £79.99 or included with Game Pass at £7.99 per month Ultiamte DLC pack available separately for £39.99 (£35.99 for Game Pass Subscribers)


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