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Our Xbox One review of GreedFall. When I first saw the trailers for GreedFall, I remember thinking its Dragon Age meets Assassins Creed III… a perfect harmony, or a flat note? Reviewing the game gave me a chance to make my own verdict! So what’s the premise of GreedFall? You are the sole heir of ..

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GreedFall – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One review of GreedFall.

When I first saw the trailers for GreedFall, I remember thinking its Dragon Age meets Assassins Creed III… a perfect harmony, or a flat note? Reviewing the game gave me a chance to make my own verdict!

So what’s the premise of GreedFall? You are the sole heir of a noble family, in a world that is dying. The mysterious Malichor plague is wiping people out mercilessly. Your mother is dying, and she tasks you with a mission to take to the seas to travel to Teer Fradee, a mysterious island that may hold the Malichor cure… along with a host of other surprises, shock horror!!

After a sluggish opening 30 minutes or so, you set foot in the first town of Serene. Finally the game gets going properly, and you cannot help but enjoy it. There’s something about Spiders’ latest Action-RPG (the same studio behind The TechnoMancer and Mars: War Logs), that’s just addictive.

Despite some rather obvious, yet all too familiar flaws, there is so much that more than makes up for them! The combat that admittedly starts rather repetitive does become a flurry of steel and fun. You unlock various skills and find new weapons. The customisation options for the weapons and armour as well are fantastic! The campaign main quest and side missions are all very-well thought through and wonderfully written. The AI squad mates are more than capable of looking after themselves, meaning you aren’t always healing rather than attacking! You pick up various party members that join your band of travellers, meaning you can customise your best party layout. Most notably, the numerous locations that you visit in GreedFall are all visually stunning. The locations artwork team deserve a special shout-out, for their part in creating such an amazing world!

So, let’s take a moment to look closer at some of these obvious flaws… The camera sweeping and angles make life tricky in confined spaces. The first hour of combat is rather tedious as the basic attack movements and combos are limited. There are a multiple character skills pages that take a while to properly understand, and without reading every single possible upgrade you may find yourself invested in a skill tree you didn’t want. On the subject of skills, I thoroughly recommend you learn lock-picking at the beginning! I must have counted 20 chests and doors that were locked in the first town alone! 

The loot dropping is also a little frustrating. There are a lot of times you find an amazing weapon, but can’t actually be used by anyone in your party. Learning about the various factions is also rather confusing. I am still not quite sure what happens if you annoy or please one faction too much etc. It’s actually very difficult to know whether you are going to annoy or please said factions too, because the game gives you nothing in the quest/conversation panels etc. A couple of times, I found myself saying the wrong thing without being aware that there was any consequences!

There is one more flaw, which relates to the conversation issues, and that’s the voice acting. Some of the characters are bought to life with some incredible performances, however there are some of the principle characters that are flat and really stick out. For an indie game it wouldn’t be such an issue, but for an AAA title like this, it’s actually quite infuriating hearing them talk.

Flaws or no flaws, you soon forget to actually care, because the game invites you into such an immersive world where you can once again live out your fantasy lives! There are romance options, obviously; quests and side missions to keep you busy literally for days; there is an unprecedented number of magical creatures and nasties to kill; and there are bosses that even your nightmares couldn’t create. What more could you want?! The main campaign in itself, according to Spiders, can be completed in around 60 hours… We all know that means that this game is probably going to clock up closer to 600 hours in order to complete everything, and I am ok with that!

Unlike some big-name Action-RPG’s GreedFall is bursting with life (ironic for a world dying from a plague!) and there are plenty of times that the role-playing aspect of the game also gets to shine. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of yo-yoing from one place to another and back again but any fan of an RPG knows that this is just a price to pay!

GreedFall is not completely re-writing the RPG books, and yes it has some flaws like any game, but it has this RPG fan hooked. For me, as a devout fan of the Dragon Age franchise, GreedFall has definitely filled the gap in my life. And does it play in any way or feel like it has any similarities to Assassins Creed? Of course not! The best part is that you don’t need to be a Dragon Age fan either, to enjoy this solid game. Well done Spiders for yet another top-drawer RPG!

Thanks to Indigo Pearl for the review code!

Product Info:
Developer: Spider
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Website: GreedFall
Price: £44.99

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