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Our Xbox One Review of Headspun I always a love a game that offers something truly different. One of the genres that I have found myself really enjoying over the past few months is the one-off a FMV title, where the entire-game is in the perspective of a live-action movie, and being able to influence ..

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Headspun – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of Headspun

I always a love a game that offers something truly different. One of the genres that I have found myself really enjoying over the past few months is the one-off a FMV title, where the entire-game is in the perspective of a live-action movie, and being able to influence the game in a way that can either extend or cut it early I found quite interesting. Wales Interactive are the masters for it, and they`ve put titles out like The Bunker and Late Shift (Which I quite enjoyed) and now, they`ve released another, but with a cool twist. Headspun is being developed by Superstring and published by Wales Interactive, and is described as a FMV/Adventure Hybrid. How was the game going to fare?

Headspun tells the story of Theo, a guy who awakes in a hospital after being in a 5-week coma after being involved in a car-accident. You take control of the conscious in his mind, Ted, as you battle with Theo`s Subconscious Teddy, and work together to work out what happened, and to get everything back on track. Whilst undergoing discussions and conversations in the FMV format that we know; it is not a sole FMV title. You`ll be tasked with getting Cortex (Which is the in-game name for Theo`s brain) back online and back to 100% functionality. You`ll need to do this by recruiting staff and developing areas that`ll help with improving functionality. There seems to be an element of getting involved more with tasks and more interactivity within the game than a standard FMV title which is good.

Over the course of the game, you`ll be tasked with building up Neuro credits which is the in-game currency. You do this by completing tasks such as recruitment and getting involved with interactive activities that Theo can do to build up his mental state such as weightlifting or crosswords. It`s a fun option and something I quite liked in the game. It`s not something that is going to feel one-dimensional, and if anything, the Hybrid makes it something quite unique that I`ve not seen in a game before, especially an FMV one.

The acting which I always quite enjoy in the story of the game is good, and although none of them are going to win any awards (Which I believe it was a 3-person acting team), I felt I could tell the character that they were playing.

The concept for Headspun is good, and I really like the ideology behind it. I think it had the potential to be a great game and something different. I say had, because although it is, and for some people like myself who have enjoyed the game on the whole, there seems to be some real issues with the Gameplay itself, especially when it comes to the non-FMV task side of things within the game. I was finding myself in menus waiting ages to get a response to move between menus, and there were times where I`d find myself wanting to undergo a task and nothing would appear, and I found myself having to save the game and restart it completely. That`s not the sign I like to see in a game, and I fear that having bugs  and issues that potentially end up breaking a game to the point that you constantly need to restart it, is not a good look whatsoever. I also found that when completing tasks and checking the tasks page, although they were registering with a tick to indicate completion, they were not ticking straight away, and although for me this wasn’t a biggie, it made it a bit more harder to remember what I had done and not done.

I`m confident that it can all be patched and will be patched in the future, but now, the issues that you experience within Headspun can be rather infuriating. Sometimes that`s not always the best thing though, and really this should have been sorted immediately at launch.

Headspun is a title that I think has a great concept. I love the idea of the FMV and Adventure hybrid, and I love the interactivity and tasks that are on offer throughout the game. It adds a bit more to it, and makes the game feel longer, where you`re pretty much going to have to see the game out and help get Theo`s mind to 100% (which you want to really – because you`ll explore more and for those that like an achievement, there`s loads to initiate you to get to 100%) and although you do have the option to end the game early by leaving (You`ll get this option quite later into the game, but I was being given the option to leave quite early on – I think if you focus solely on the FMV side of things, you`ll get there quickly).

But, the issues do lie there, and at the moment, makes it difficult to fully recommend this to anyone who wants to play a smooth game and not get frustrated with issues after 5 minutes. Perhaps in a week`s time my opinion may be different and I may be able to fully recommend the game, but at the moment unless you`re prepared to hold fire and be patient throughout, you may be best waiting a few weeks for something to be fixed.

Review code supplied by Wales Interactive

Price: £8.99

Developer: Superstring

Publisher: Wales Interactive

Website: Headspun

Twitter: @SuperstringLtd / @WalesInter / @Headspun_Game



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