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Our Xbox One Review of Mortal Kombat 11 I remember spending a fair bit of time playing Mortal Kombat X a lot, and really enjoying it, and I`ve never been one for the button mashing, combo-creating fighting games. However, Mortal Kombat was the franchise that made me fall in love with them. I`ve played a ..

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Mortal Kombat 11 – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of Mortal Kombat 11

I remember spending a fair bit of time playing Mortal Kombat X a lot, and really enjoying it, and I`ve never been one for the button mashing, combo-creating fighting games. However, Mortal Kombat was the franchise that made me fall in love with them. I`ve played a few other titles that have taken the same approach when it comes to the mechanical system it employs, but my love for those style of games has stemmed from Mortal Kombat. So, to see a brand-new addition to the franchise, in the form of Mortal Kombat 11, was very appealing and great to see. How was it going to fare though? It absolutely carries on the love from the previous titles, and even if you`re a brand new gamer to the franchise, you`re getting a game that is fun, enjoyable, perhaps a bit sadistic at times, but is a cracking fighting game.

Mortal Kombat 11 is developed by NetherRealm Studio and published by Warner Bros, and is the 11th instalment of the Mortal Kombat franchise, and comes 4 years after the previous instalment, Mortal Kombat X. It follows a story throughout and you`ll get the chance to play with a range of different Mortal Kombat characters, all of which will be differently styled and suited to gamers.  A lot of them have appeared in previous titles so for those cosplayers who go to the big events as their favourite Mortal Kombat characters, you`ll be pleased to know that they appear again in the latest instalment, with the addition of a couple of new characters (Which is always great to see).

You have the option to undergo some tutorials to understand the basics and some of the more advanced features of Mortal Kombat 11, and if you`re a new player to the franchise, this is going to be your first point of call. I don’t think it`s a particularly difficult game to pick up, but it is going to require some patience and some practice to master some of the moves, especially some of the combination moves you can execute to cause some serious damage. You`ll be taught the basics of fighting and the basics of defending, a great place to start.

The fighting style is good and fluid, and that`s the first thing that`s important, and something you`ll notice quite nicely early on. Perhaps I`m being a bit biased, but I do love a game that has something that feels fluid and good, and easy to play with. Practice will be a virtue throughout, and you`ll find as you progress the better and more confident you become in being able to execute some of those tough moves at times. I found myself playing through some of the tutorials multiple times in order to keep on practicing and even though I`m a previous Mortal Kombat player, it`s good to get a feel for the controls and system before heading into one of the main player modes. Each fight you`ll come across can go for at least 2 rounds so to speak – you`ll get one round to hurt your opponent, and then should you win the 2nd round, you`ll win the fight, and progress throughout. Especially within the Story mode, you cannot obviously progress when losing a fight so you will be forced to re-fight until you have won, and some characters you come up against are going to take some attempts to beat them. I found myself coming close a few times before dying and having to fight again, but for me, I wasn’t too bothered. I was finding myself having a good challenge and working out how I was going to defeat my opponent.

Executing certain combination moves at certain points in the fight are also going to be interesting and execute some pretty cool but strange cut-scenes, where you can use your characters abilities to execute moves that a normal character shouldn’t withstand- however, these are Mortal characters of course, so they do take some battering, but they do offer something quite cool throughout the fights, and something quite bloody and gory (Oooh, nice).

I`d strongly recommend playing through the main campaign first before touching other modes, as that is where you`re going to unlock a ton of stuff, whether that be cosmetics for characters or moves, you`re going to get the bulk of that playing through the main campaign. The main campaign consists of a number of fights, obviously (And you`ll get the choice to play through different fights with different characters – meaning you`re not limited to just one) and a ton of cut-scenes, that tell the story, and I mean a ton of them. You`ll find yourself at times in a 5-10 minute cutscene from fight to fight, and although that won`t be for everyone, as some will prefer to jump straight into the fights (And you can do so – there is the option to skip through these in the menu) I found myself really enjoying the cut-scenes and the story, and it feels a lot more branched out, than perhaps the previous Mortal games. As mentioned, playing through the story will give you a ton of cosmetics and things you can customize your favourite characters with. It is quite endless with options, and the more you play-through the more you`ll unlock. With the fighting you`ll undertake and if you`re someone like me who can play through a story and watch all the cut-scenes to really understand the story, then a fair bit of time is going to be ploughed into the main story campaign. You also can play through the main campaign on a few different difficulty settings so you can always give yourself a pretty decent challenge.

There are other modes for you to feast into once you`ve cracked through the campaign, that`ll offer you a timed-based fight, where you`ll need to defeat characters in a timely manner in order to succeed. You`ll be able to use certain boosts and aids to help you defeat certain characters, but I would recommend playing through the campaign first and unlocking everything before touching the extra modes.

Mortal Kombat 11 is a game that offers a great fighting experience, and one that offers blood, gore and victory galore. For those who are returning to the Mortal Kombat franchise then you know what to expect from the latest instalment, for those who are new, then what you are getting is a game that is more than a button-masher, but one that will require you to think, strategize against opposition, and one that`s going to give a fantastic story and gameplay experience combined. I think NetherRealm have done a cracking job with 11, and one that is going to keep me feasting for more for time to come.

Developer: NetherRealm Studios
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Website: Mortal Kombat 11
Twitter: @NetherRealm / @wbgames  / @MortalKombat

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