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Our Xbox One Review of MTV v ATV All Out We`ve seen quite a few titles come through the MX v ATV series. The first game, which was ATV Offroad Fury, launched back in February 2001 (Over 18 years ago) and since then, through different studios and publishers, has seen 11 titles released, including the ..

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MX V ATV All Out: Anniversary Edition – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of MTV v ATV All Out

We`ve seen quite a few titles come through the MX v ATV series. The first game, which was ATV Offroad Fury, launched back in February 2001 (Over 18 years ago) and since then, through different studios and publishers, has seen 11 titles released, including the one that relaunches tomorrow, as an Anniversary edition, which comes in the form of MX v ATV All Out. Last year, after the initial launch of MX v ATV All Out, it had been 4 years since the last MX v ATV title that launched on the Xbox 360 and the first to launch on the Xbox One, the anniversary edition launches with some new tracks added on for you to take to your bike with. How does the anniversary edition fare though? Being a completely brand-new player to the franchise and the game, I must say I`ve really enjoyed it.

Developed by Rainbow Studios and published by THQ Nordic, MX v ATV All Out Anniversary Edition launches on the 12th March and re-launches a year after the launch of the base game. The anniversary edition includes a ton of new tracks, 14 in total, and includes the three add-ons for the game. In addition to the add-ons, all the bikes, gear and things from the original make the return too.

What I love about racing games early on is a game that offers a variety in what I can do. From the start, you`ll be placed into an open-world style area where you`ll be able to drive to different points and take on the tutorials, that`ll get you up to speed on learning how to control your bike, how to manoeuvre, how to free-style and how to pull off tricks that you`ll need later on in the game. After completing the tutorials, and there are a few and driven around, you`re then able to jump into a variety of game modes, depending on how you want to play, either on your own or online with people. You`ve got good variety, both offline and online, and that`s the first early thing I noticed and like.

I spent a lot of time in the Series mode, which given, it is the dominant mode on offer in my opinion, you have the option to play through a ton of different series, all of which will give you the option to race on different vehicles, such as Quads and Bikes, and all of which you are able to customize to your need. You can make the game as easy as you like (And I do mean easy, in that you are winning races quite comfortably by over a minute) to making them difficult where you`ll need to be precise when it comes to corners and manoeuvring past other vehicles, and the more hardcore players will no doubt be going for that, and I like the options that I`m offered throughout. In addition to the Series mode, you can take on a Time Trial, you can take on a single event race, you can play co-op with a friend through split-screen as you see who the better racer is, and you can jump online with other players, that offer up to 16 player races, and some of them can be true carnage.

So, a good variety is on offer, but how does the game play and fare? The game plays smoothly and nicely, and that`s the first good sign. It`s not a game that has launched with too many issues (Mind you, the original game has been out for a year now, as the anniversary edition only adds tracks and a few other pieces) so I imagine things have now been ironed out, but it felt good. It took some time to get use to some of the controls, not so much in terms of how they play on a controller, as MX does follow the same sort of concept you get on every other racer out there, but being able to master the manoeuvres on corners and some of the freestyles that you`ll need to do later on in the game, especially in the free-style series, but that comes over time, and personally, I found myself testing at a higher difficulty that made me more confident and better at the controls. After playing at a higher difficulty and then going to a lower one later I was finding it easy. It`s not a game that`s going to ask too much to learn, but it may take some practice to truly master it.

I`ve always said that the way a game plays is what makes a game, and graphically, it should be a side-on approach when it comes to looking at games. You can have a game that looks graphically beautiful and stunning, but plays awfully when it comes to the Gameplay and mechanical side of things (There are plenty out there- I`m sure you can think of a couple), but the use of graphics throughout this are good. They`re not going to make you think Wow, by any stretch of the imagination, but some of the colours around some of the tracks do look nice.

MX v ATV All Out Anniversary Edition is a game that plays well, offers you a good variety in what you can play through and offers everything in one, a true complete package. Of course, if you`re an MX v ATV player then the chances are that you have brought everything already, but if you`re like me who is brand new to the franchise and the games, then the anniversary edition is the one you want. Offering 14 new tracks and a ton of other things, it is the complete experience for the first-time player. I`ve really enjoyed playing MX v ATV All Out so far, and having everything included, is worth the purchase.

Developer: Rainbow Studios
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Website: MX vs ATV All Out
Twitter: @rainbowstudios / @THQNordic / @MXvsATV

Price: £25.99 (Launches 12th March)

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