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“Oh My Godheads is a enjoyable, fun experience” We`ve seen the game mode Capture the Flag appear across a range of different games. I remember playing that game mode on Halo a lot back when it first came out, and recently, we`ve seen games such as Call of Duty take their approach on it. It`s ..

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Oh My Godheads – Xbox One Review

“Oh My Godheads is a enjoyable, fun experience”

We`ve seen the game mode Capture the Flag appear across a range of different games. I remember playing that game mode on Halo a lot back when it first came out, and recently, we`ve seen games such as Call of Duty take their approach on it. It`s quite massive online, and if you ask a lot of gamers whether they`ve played a game of Capture the Flag online and they`ll say yes. But I must admit, I`ve not seen many games (If any) that have had a sole focus on the Capture the Flag objective. That`s the sole focus of the game and the main mode. Well, over the past few days, I`ve had the chance to get my hands on Oh My Godheads, which is developed by Titutech, and is part of the Square Enix collaborative. We recently had the chance to sit down with Titutech and talk about the game, and you can find that HERE . A game what`s focus is.. You guessed, Capture the Flag! Is it a game worthwhile? I must admit, I`ve really enjoyed what I`ve played so far.

Oh My Godheads is developed by Titutech and releases on the 5th December on Xbox One. It is a complete local co-op multiplayer game that enables you to sit down with your mates and enjoy some true capture the flag. If of course, you like me played quite a bit on your own, you can set it up to use CPU players. You can set up to play 2 against 2, or you can switch the tables and make it easier for yourself and play 3 against 1, or even stack it up even harder for you, and make it 1 against 3. There are different ways you can play and even when you have a number of you, you`re going to be in for some real good fun. There are other game modes to get stuck into aswell including Team Deathmatch and on your own where you can use a leaderboard to beat your friends scores, but I found a lot of my time going into the main Capture the flag mode, or in Oh My Godheads case, Capture the head.

Across a range of different map layouts, the rules are fairly simple, and correlate to rules you`ve played with Capture the Flag before (To be fair, they are all the same really). You have to grab a head (Yes, you’ve read that right) and get it to the oppositions post in order to in a point and vice versa. Depending on the head will enable some special powers that`ll mix the game right up. This could include reversing the controls when the head is picked up, or speeding and slowing down time in the game, and this makes for an even more fun and enjoyable game. What surprised me early on is that you play until whoever wins 3 points (Which may sound like quite a quick game) but actually I was quite surprised at how good the CPU and AI were, and games felt very back and forth between the two teams. In fact, I don’t think I actually won a game by 3 clear points. It`s good because even when you`re playing on your own and with an AI team mate and against AI opposition, you`re getting a good game out of it. Of course, if you play with friends in local co-op then it`ll be even better, I`ve no doubt about that. The game I played with another human being we really enjoyed and it was a great laugh. Very end to end, and easily feels like a game that you could get quite a bit of enjoyment out of, especially if you have 4 of you. Being able to mix the teams and also being able to play different modes (I`m calling them modes but effectively 2v2, 1v3, 3v1) is quite enjoyable.

And it`s not a game that`s going to ask a lot of you in terms of the controls. It`s really simple and really a good pick up and play game for one evening with you friends, or on your own. There isn’t much to it and you`ll easily get the hang of it. I like that, and for a simple game like Oh My Godheads, it`s something that works incredibly well.

Oh My Godheads is a game that I`m really enjoying my time with, and even more so, I`ve been quite surprised at how much I`ve enjoyed it. Even playing on my own with CPU players I`m getting a good challenge, and if you play with friends locally then you`re going to get an even better one. It doesn’t offer anything online as such and is solely down to local co-op, but that isn’t a bad thing. I wouldn’t have wanted to see a game ruined if it launched with a bad online experience as it`d result in a negative aspect for the game, but Titutech have done a fantastic job with Oh My Godheads, and I`m really enjoying my time with it. I hope it does well when it launches because to be quite honest with you, they deserve it.

Developer: Titutech

Publisher: Square Enix

Price: £11.99 (Releases Tuesday 5th December)

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