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Check out our Xbox One review of Overcooked 2 Two years ago, we saw the launch of what would go on to become one of the best co-operative games out there. Developed by Ghost Town Games, we saw the launch of Overcooked, a co-op cooking game where you would have to create a dish by ..

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Overcooked 2 – Xbox One Review

Check out our Xbox One review of Overcooked 2

Two years ago, we saw the launch of what would go on to become one of the best co-operative games out there. Developed by Ghost Town Games, we saw the launch of Overcooked, a co-op cooking game where you would have to create a dish by mixing components and creating them as quick as possible. For friends, it was a race against the clock to work with someone else to run everything smoothly and on schedule. Overcooked was nominated for several BAFTA awards, and won two of them, for best British game and Best Family game.

Two years later, and we`ve got a sequel. Overcooked 2 launches today on console and PC and is developed by the same team behind the first one. I really enjoyed the first one, but was the second one going to make me want to dine in? Absolutely. I`ve loved what I`ve played so far.

Overcooked 2 is developed by Ghost Town Games and is published by Team17 and is a sequel to the 2016 initial game Overcooked. You take on the role of a chef, either on your own or with friends or online, and create recipes and dishes that you`ll be serving out. Sounds easy? Think again. You`ll be cooking in some crazy kitchens and some that will provide obstacles that you`ll need to avoid whilst your cooking, cutting up components, whacking them all in a pan and getting them on a plate for the customers. It sounds completely crazy, and perhaps that`s because it is, but it is so much fun, and if you loved the first one, you`re going to be in love with the second one, because it improves in terms of the gameplay. You can now throw components across the room (Sounds a bit crazy, but trust me, in this it`s needed) and work together to make sure you`re being as effective as you possibly can in the kitchen. If you`re playing on your own and as a solo player then you`ll take control of two chefs, which can take some real getting use to – It`s not particularly difficult to do as such as but will take some practice to master getting it right, and you can play locally. In addition, for Overcooked 2, they have also added online multiplayer, which now in addition to playing locally on a network with friends, you are now able to play through online matchmaking, meaning that you`re able to team up with your friends and other games into the kitchen.

There are a couple of different game modes for you to feast your eyes into, with the main bulk of time going into the story mode. Across different worlds, you`ll come across a range of different levels that you can earn up to 3 stars on. You need to earn a certain number of stars to progress with the game, and for those of you who love to achievement hunt, then you`ll be pleased to know that there is actually achievements for collecting all stars across all the levels. In addition to story mode, you have different online and co-operative modes, that you can play either locally or through online matchmaking.

Very similar to the first Overcooked title, don’t go expecting anything difficult in terms of the controls, just be expecting some practice to master. Playing on your own in the first one was incredibly difficult at first and getting it right switching between two chefs, and it works out the same in the second one. For me personally, having played the first game, I knew how it worked and didn’t take me too long to get back into the swing of things, but for those who are new to the game, just keep at it and practicing, and after a few levels, you should have yourself no problems.

I always find it difficult to not say anything negative about a game, but the more and more I`ve played Overcooked 2, the more and more I`ve really enjoyed what I`ve played of it. Perhaps the story mode can be a bit short, and maybe in the future they will release further DLC for that, but even still, you then have a range of modes, and the introduction of online matchmaking this time around is big. It`s good to see Ghost Town Games add it to the sequel, and I think it`ll be a big feature of it this time around.

Overcooked 2 is a game that I`ve really enjoyed my time with so far and is a true co-op game. It`s a fun title, and one that you`ll get a lot of enjoyment out with your friends. You`d probably get more enjoyment playing with buddies and online than you will do on your own, but even then, that`s not to say you won`t get the same enjoyment out of it playing on your own. I`ve really enjoyed playing through on my own.

It`s nice to see Overcooked 2 release, and Ghost Town Games can be incredibly proud of what they`ve done with this one, because they`ve truly cooked up another fun masterpiece.

Developer: Ghost Town Games
Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd.
Website: Overcooked 2
Twitter: @Team17Ltd  / @Overcookedgame

Price: £19.99

Review code supplied by Team17

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