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Our Xbox One Review of Pilot Sports I really wanted to enjoy this one. That`s a pretty damning sentence to start off with isn’t it? This looked decent from what I`d seen of it, and I thought it could be something else out there. Something quirky, something indie, and something fun. The prospect of it ..

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Pilot Sports – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of Pilot Sports

I really wanted to enjoy this one. That`s a pretty damning sentence to start off with isn’t it? This looked decent from what I`d seen of it, and I thought it could be something else out there. Something quirky, something indie, and something fun. The prospect of it was there. Alas, not every game is meant to be an exceptional one, nor an quirky one, but from the early indications I had of Pilot Sports, I was looking forward to getting my hands on it. Well, the short answer, I`m quite glad to have washed my hands of it after playing through. I`ve probably just found the most frustrating title of the year so far.

Pilot Sports is developed and published by Z-Software gmbH and released a few weeks back on Xbox. It is a sports title that gives you a series of challenges and courses to undertake, taking you into a pilot`s seat to wing your way through hoops in a quick succession or using a jet-pack to undertake a course and get from one platform to the other and collect items in a record time. The prospect and the options there, are quite good, and are good fun. Or at least, they are meant to be good fun. After jumping into a early game, and reading through some of the controls that you`ll need to undertake during your time within the game (Which are not that bad to understand and get), if you manage to last longer than 10 minutes or so without getting frustrated, you`re going to have done exceptionally well.

The game plays and feels bad. The first challenge I undertook saw me choose a character (I went for the old fella) and jump into a plane you see at an air-show, typical historic flyer, and I had to go through a series of hoops that were lit up, all of while trying to collect objects that were in my route to help with getting my time down. The quicker I got through the course and through the rings, the more chance I had of getting the gold medals. You have the ability to invert your Axis on your controls at the start (And by default it is set to inverted – so if you`re wanting up to go up and down to go down you`ll need to change it before you start) and for some people they`ll want to do that, but if you`ve played any other flight game that has inverted controls (Or any other game for that matter) then you`ll probably be best to stick with the defaults.

So, when does it all start going wrong? The moment you try and turn and do anything that is not a straight line. I`ve never found myself getting frustrated so early on in a game, and bearing in mind, this is the opening challenge I`ve undertook. I found myself missing several circles and that was because I was having a real issue with getting to grips with how the plane was moving and how the game was feeling. It felt very slow and sluggish, especially when you try to turn around. I`d make sure you do set the controls to how you want to and probably know how to play, because otherwise you`ll make it even more difficult than it already is.

Perhaps it was to be easier on another challenge? There are other challenges that are a bit easier yes, but the same slow feel gameplay is still there, and it`s very frustrating, because having a good gameplay mechanism is the key part of any game.

Of course, some people may find that they can get to grips with the movement throughout, and if you are one of those people, then I say well done to you. I did find myself going back to it and trying to get to grips with the movement and feel of the game, and even take things slower, but I found myself really struggling.

I go back to an earlier point about it being the most frustrating game I`ve played this year, because it is. It has the potential to be a lot more, and there are things to the game that I do enjoy. I like the variety of vehicles and challenges that are on offer, and I always like a good reward system as it means that I can go back to it to try and attempt to get a better time. There`s a good variety in the game modes, and it is a game that had the potential to be quite a fun title and enjoyable one this summer. Instead, a very sluggish feel gameplay system and one that takes  a hell of getting use to makes it a very frustrating title.

Ultimately, Pilot Sports is a game that for me had so much potential, and the ability to be a lot of fun. The variety in challenges in modes and the replay value is there for the game, and that does work well,  but it is let down badly by the gameplay and the movement of the in-game planes and vehicles, and if you can get use to that early on, then you`ll be in for an enjoyable title. But, if like me, you don’t, then this could become very frustrating and very quickly, a refundable or a uninstall able experience.

Developer: Z-Software GmbH

Publisher: Z-Software GmbH

Website: Pilot Sports

Twitter: @zsoftware

Review code supplied by Z-Software


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