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Our Xbox One Review of Ride 3 Ride 3. When I first got my hands-on Ride 3, within 10 minutes it was a game that I had already started to give up on. I couldn’t get to grips with it, I couldn’t get to grips with the controls and the steering within Ride 3 (Perhaps ..

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Ride 3 – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of Ride 3

Ride 3. When I first got my hands-on Ride 3, within 10 minutes it was a game that I had already started to give up on. I couldn’t get to grips with it, I couldn’t get to grips with the controls and the steering within Ride 3 (Perhaps some of that was down to the fact that it`s quite different to the other racer I had been playing a lot of, Forza) and I couldn’t keep myself entertained in it. However, after pushing myself through to carry on and give the game a proper chance to change my opinion, I found myself starting to, actually, quite enjoy it. Once I had got past the first race that you are thrown into to get you use to the controls and the game (Which was brutal – you can quit out of that and go straight to a menu and jump into a variety of modes), I was then able to change the difficulty settings and head into quick races to give the variety of tracks on offer a go. How was Ride 3 going to fare to other racers I would play though?

Ride 3 is developed and published by Milestone Srl and released at the back end of last month for consoles and PC. It is a motorbike racer, and is the third Ride instalment of the franchise, after the last title, Ride 2 launched back in 2016. Across a variety of modes, including Quick race, Time Attack, Career and Multiplayer, you can take your favourite bikes out to a range of different tracks, and if you`re a racing gamer and have played other racing titles, then you`ll recognize some of the tracks included in Ride 3, including Brands Hatch and Nurnberg. A good variety throughout, and tracks have different variations included, and combined with different weather conditions, means that you`ve got a fair bit to play with and take to the tracks with. The more you play through the game, the more points you`ll earn, and you`ll gain these over times through Quick race, and other game modes. Like other racers, the higher the difficulty you have it set to, the more XP you can earn. Having been the first Ride title I had jumped into, I have no shame in admitting that I had put it to the easiest difficulty possible.

Into the game itself, and how the game fares. Having not played a Ride title before, I wasn’t sure how the game would fare in terms of the controls. Having played some racers that were unforgiving in terms of control configurations (I`m looking at you in particular Project Cars 2) I was hoping that it was something that would come across as manageable and something that I hoped I wasn’t going to get frustrated with quite instantly. After 10 minutes of playing in the first race you come across, I feared it was going to be a game that was going to have quite a short life span on my hard drive. I was struggling to get round the course on my bike without crashing into another racer, or spinning out of control on the bends. It truly was frustrating, and no matter how slow I went around the track, I just couldn’t get to grips with it. However, do keep with it if you find it difficult. The first race you are put into at the start of the game starts off at a medium difficulty, so you can lower that to easy, and I could feel a big difference. Perhaps that`s my next challenge, to increase the difficulty now I have the basics of the controls and try to master the difficulty I had so much struggle with at the start. It`s a game that if you`ve played a Forza title, you`ll find some real struggle at first getting to grips with, as the bends can be pretty sharp and deadly if you`re not careful but do persevere with it and drop the difficulty if need be. It does become more easier the more you play, obviously.

The career mode is something that I must say I didn’t spend particularly loads of time in, as I found myself getting quite engaged with playing through the tracks on offer in the quick mode options, and the different variety, but you can see within Ride 3 that the developers have taken inspiration from other games, and starting off with the basics in career, you`ll open up new events to take to the tracks to over time. You`ve seen the same sort of concept before in other career modes from other titles, but I don’t particularly mind that. There isn`t a lot different you`ll find from other career modes, and that they all seem to follow the same sort of concept.

Ride 3 is a title that I started off hating. Over time, I found that opinion changing, and I`ve really come to grips with it. I keep finding myself going back to it, every time I want to play something, and that`s the impact that all in all, Ride 3 has had. There`s a good variety of tracks and variations meaning that combined with the different options you have in terms of quick modes and the career, you have a lot to keep yourself going back to. For those who also like an achievement hunt, there are lots of achievements that you`ll gain just by playing through the different tracks.

But Ride 3 is a game that I`ve quite enjoyed, and it`s a game that`ll make me look out for motorbike racers in the future.

Developer: Milestone S.r.l.
Publisher: Milestone S.r.l.
Website: Ride 3
Twitter: @MilestoneItaly

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