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THIS IS MY RIFLE, THERE ARE MANY LIKE IT, BUT THIS ONE IS MINE: Yes, developed and published by Rebellion, comes the re-imagining of a timeless classic…Set during the latter years of World War 2, play as Karl Fairburne, a highly experienced sharpshooter tasked with the  mission to prevent the Nazi V2 Rocket technology falling ..

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Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Xbox One Review


Yes, developed and published by Rebellion, comes the re-imagining of a timeless classic…Set during the latter years of World War 2, play as Karl Fairburne, a highly experienced sharpshooter tasked with the  mission to prevent the Nazi V2 Rocket technology falling into Soviet hands. Using stealth, good timing and precision, shoot your way into the fatherland while avoiding the enemy and the enemy-to-be.

First of, let me start by saying that Sniper Elite V2 was – and still is – the shit. I remember coming home from school and going straight on Sniper Elite V2, just to see the heads of my enemies shatter as a bullet passed through. I was a disturbing kid, but alas…It was a good game.

It’s hard to imagine that V2 came out nearly 7 years ago and now, players get an opportunity to relive this nostalgic trip down memory lane, in a stunning display.

Sniper Elite has a magnitude of game modes to play through. You can make your way through the campaign and follow Fairburne’s story of how, both interestingly and thrillingly, prevents Soviet Russia from acquiring valuable technology, or work together with a friend on co-op mode, working together to complete various objectives as a team. If you’re bored of that, then there’s always the kill tally mode which has you fend yourself off hordes of nazis, using your intuition and defensive savvy – this mode is requires you to set traps and bunker down as you try to survive. On top of all that, you’ve also got the challenges mode, which if you haven’t got anything else on your plate, lets you play through a selection of levels designed to test your skills in as many ways as possible. One such challenge, appropriately titled “Assassinate the Fuhrer”, gives you the opportunity to go head to head with Hitler himself.

All these game modes are ridiculously fun, my favorite being the challenges levels, these missions, in fact all missions, have a really high repeatability to them. Just because you finished a mission one, doesn’t mean that’s the only way.

Combat in Sniper Elite V2 is extremely varied. There will be many opportunities in this game to eliminate your enemies, but the crux is trying to find when and where will be appropriate. Some maps have a constant noise, be it an artillery barrage or a plane flying over, which will mask your shots if you need to take out an enemy at long range, without anyone hearing. Other maps won’t have these noises all over, but rather in small areas, which when said noise happens, it may not occur again. Planning what to do, sneaking through enemy lines and tactically picking off soldiers is what Sniper Elite is all about.

If you’ve successfully, scoped out an enemy, assumed the position, waited for your heart rate to go down, cocked your rifle and have your crosshair on him, first ask yourself: why him? No, not in a-last minute-regret-philosophical-way, more, get out your binoculars and tag him. After tagging an enemy, you will see his rank, among other statistics about the soldier you have eyes on. This is extremely important as it determines the hierarchical status of the soldier you’re about to kill. In a group of 3, you want to shoot the highest ranking member, so the other two foot soldiers will scramble without leadership. This can make for a powerful strategy. Without a leader, the other soldiers’ attacks, if they live long enough to return fire, will be weaker.

And that’s why I love Sniper Elite V2, it’s that level of detail and intricacy that makes playing it so rewarding.

I also discovered that you can play as a handful of other characters, ranging from a French Resistance fighter to a rebel Nazi Officer and a ushanka-wearing Russian, among others. This, coupled with the ability to change your loadout, sets Sniper Elite V2 as one of my favorite World War 2 games. The customization of your loadout is not as in depth as some other contemporary games, but it lets you choose what sniper rifle, assault rifle, pistol and equipment to start the game with. There’s a lot of rifles, but my recommendation would be the SVT-40: a 10 shot, highly powerful sniper rifle with a lot of kick.

The level design of Sniper Elite V2 is good, however sometimes It can feel a little linear. The majority of my playthrough, I spent playing the challenge levels and for the most part, they give you the freedom to approach your objective rather freely. Some missions however, are more restrictive and narrow you down a certain path, but overall the level design is quite in depth.

Speaking of in depth, the graphics ….aw the graphics. When I first loaded into the game, I really couldn’t see a difference, graphically. The game doesn’t have as much grain as the I felt the original did, however that may have just been the power of the Xbox 360. But at first I couldn’t really see a definitive change, until I saw some of the skyboxes. Some of the levels in Sniper Elite V2 will have you gawking at the sky and just how pretty it all looks. It’s not just the sky, graphics are noticeable even down the fine small details, such as scuffs on boots or even blood splatters.

The one thing that really stood out as a negative point for V2, are the insane facial animations. Some characters in the game, especially high ranking officials who are supposed to look overly “evil” end up having some of the silliest faces I have ever seen. The Assassinate the Fuhrer mission is my example of this: the cutscene, halfway through the mission to mark the arrival of Hitler, is just insanely funny. He arrives with a convoy of men, as he’s sat in a car, while being briefed by one of his men stood just outside. When the officer stops talking (It’s in German so who knows what he’s saying), Hitler looks dramatically at the camera with such a smug look. It’s arguably the best most funniest moment in the game.

The multiplayer in Sniper Elite V2 however, is hard to come by. If, by the lucky chance you find a multiplayer lobby, they are bloody fun. The gameplay is pretty much sniper based, as you’d expect,  and very much reminds of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. I only had the chance to play one game, and I can tell you it was very tense and very fun. The quicktime bullet effects are still in the multiplayer and there’s no better feeling when you successfully plant a shot in your enemies chest.

Overall, Sniper Elite V2 Remastered was an exceptional experience. They’ve really upped the graphics here and the performance, while at times lowering slightly, generally ran really smoothly. The beautiful attention to detail with the combat, and different weapons and characters all made it such a joy to play and at the end of it I started to feel like a sharpshooter myself.  For those who never played the original Sniper Elite V2, then this is an ample opportunity to jump on board and for those who have, it presents an opportunity to relive how amazing this game was, in all of its glory.

Developed and Published by: Rebellion Twitter: @Rebellion

Price – £29.99

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