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Our Xbox One Review of Steel Rats I admit I didn’t know an awful lot about Steel Rats before I took the chance to give it a crack. Having a quick glance it had looked like a Trials style of game, where you`d get to ride around on a bike, throughout levels, avoiding obstacles and ..

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Steel Rats – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of Steel Rats

I admit I didn’t know an awful lot about Steel Rats before I took the chance to give it a crack. Having a quick glance it had looked like a Trials style of game, where you`d get to ride around on a bike, throughout levels, avoiding obstacles and getting to the end in a quick successive time, and whilst it perhaps does take some of those elements, it is quite different in many ways. Steel Rats is a game that has launched sporadically, and last month, got its Xbox launch and release. How was the game going to fare? After a sporadic start, I must say, I`m quite enjoying it.

Steel Rats is a title developed and published by Tate Multimedia, and is described as a 2.5D action title. Over the course of several levels and worlds, you`ll be tasked with taking control of four different riders, that you`ll use to help to kill enemies, in this game`s case Junkbots (Which is a combination of junk material and robots that can be quite nasty and frustrating little things) and also work out puzzles in order to complete the level and rescue other riders. It may sound like something basic, and perhaps the concept of the game probably is, but it is a game that offers quite a fun experience.

Early on, I`ll admit, I`ve had a few issues with the game, and whether it was a general issue, or whether it was something more specific to me, I was having issues holding the game up for more than a couple of minutes before completely shutting down my console. Every single time, and I don’t know if that was a game-breaking issue that they had at launch, or whether I was just being very unfortunate, I`m not quite sure. I think there has been a patch since release, and it has gotten better, and more importantly, playable, but whether that was something else that everyone else was having or just solely me, I don’t know. Others will be able to confirm that.

For me, there are several references to Trials, and that`s what I like about it. The Trials franchise is one of my favourite game franchises, and for me, jumping on a bike racing through the level and in Steel Rat`s case, a uniqueness, I`ve really enjoyed. It takes the style in its own way, and you`ll need to go up, down, sidewards, backwards, forwards in order to get through the level. In addition, mixed with weaponry and using your arsenal to wipe out the junkbots, it creates a damn fun experience.

It does take some getting used to at first, especially when you are getting to grips with the controls. While it decides to use the configuration that you`re most likely use to playing in these types of games, the way the game lays itself out will require some awkward controls to switch between lanes and turn back on yourself to go the other way, however, this isn’t something that`s going to be difficult, and quite early on, I found myself getting to grips with it. A couple of levels I found tough and the controls proved to be awkward at times, but Steel Rats offers a easy pickup experience.

I like a game that offers a good challenge throughout, and that`s what I found myself going through with Steel Rats. Some of the levels will require you to think and be quick and evasive, in order to not die and get to the end of the level to move the game on. There are several refresh points that you can use in order to gain your health and your bike stability up, but be aware, that should you completely die, you`ll need to restart that level, however the more characters that you rescue and unlock, you will be able to have more chances to use those character before completely being wiped out. Some levels are going to cause some testament and probably ask you to have a crack at them a few times before being able to complete.

If you`re a retro fan then Steel Rats is going to be completely up your alley, in terms of the artistic style. Which, by the way, is nice. Going through some of the levels looks really good, and mixed with the main gameplay mechanics throughout, it makes for a really good game.

Steel Rats is a game that I have really enjoyed my time with so far. I`m hoping that my early doors issues that I was having was something more to do with my console rather than the actual game (Because if it was the game at launch then I`d already fear the worse) because the game itself is very good. I`ve really enjoyed the combination and feel of other games likes Trials that I`ve played before and mixed with the combative side of it made for a very fun and cracking game. It`s a very good game from Tate Multimedia, and a job well done.

Developer: Tate Multimedia

Publisher: Tate Multimedia

Website: Steel Rats

Twitter: @TateMultimedia

Review code supplied by Tate Multimedia

Price: £12.49



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