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UNFORTUNATELY, NOT SO SUPER: From developers Team6 Game Studios and publishers Lion Castle comes Super Street The Game: a racing game with a shocking amount of pot holes. Super Street is a take on the suburban racing genre, with off-track racing, around busy roads and scenery. Firstly, let me say that there’s a lot of ..

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Super Street The Game Xbox One Review


From developers Team6 Game Studios and publishers Lion Castle comes Super Street The Game: a racing game with a shocking amount of pot holes. Super Street is a take on the suburban racing genre, with off-track racing, around busy roads and scenery.

Firstly, let me say that there’s a lot of negative points I have for Super Street, but it would be wrong to just focus on these. And so let me start of with all the positives.

Some of the most striking features about Super Street can be found in the lighting graphics and map design. The map “Donver Bay” is probably my favourite: set in an industrial town, late at the night, the streetlamps and colours you get when racing on this map are beautiful. It really makes you feel like you’re in some noir film.

On this map, depending on where in the map you are, depends on the overall colour of your screen. Feelings of murkiness near the oil refinery or energy near the town centre, are all portrayed by this colour scheme and it’s amazing.

Another feature I found really good, was just how in-depth the destructability really is. I was dumbfounded when, in a race, my door suddenly flew off. It caught me off guard and so I experimented. You can pretty much total your car if you slam into a wall faster above average speed, so you really have to keep an eye out.

The car customisation is pretty decent as well, however it can be quite the grind to upgrade all the little bits and pieces to your car, as there currencies you need to attain. These currencies are attained through different races you will compete in, funnily enough being rewarded the MORE damage you do.

These all said, unfortunately Super Street is plagued by numerous problems, large and small.

For one, the movement of the cars feels extremely tacky. At the start, I was flying around all over the place trying to get a grip on the handling of the car. It takes quite a few games to get used, and honestly, I’m still pretty shocking at it.

The cars go through street lamps, signposts and fire hydrants like a hot knife through butter. You’d be lucky if your car even had a scratch from bumping into these things. Not to mention that even the slightest of love taps can break them. I ever so slightly tapped a fire hydrant, and it just slid away, without any water spewing out, or without any manhole left in the ground: it looked like it was just glued on.

The cars themselves all feel the same to play, with the high end cars being quicker and slightly less insane to control. It just feels really messy and unpolished. There are no drivers in the cars either! All these AI driving around the maps on their own, are just immediately undermined by a close glance when you realize no one’s driving them. This is probably one of the reasons why Super Street doesn’t feature a first person mode. Which again is poor, because there are interior upgrades, such as different steering wheels and seat colours…who needs them when no ones in the bloody car?

It’s shocking how unfinished this game is.

Another issue I had with Super Street, I found entirely on accident. If and when you pull a 180 and flip yourself over, there’s no hoot in hell you can recover. I must’ve spent a good 3 minutes trying to figure out a way to get myself around, looking like one of the world’s biggest turtles. I just couldn’t do it, the car didn’t flip over, whereas in other games such as Forza, you get back on the road quite quickly. I eventually found that the back button is the respawn button, which in itself is shying away from the issue.

It’s almost like the game knows these problems and instead of trying to fix them, they’ve put a band aid over them and patted them on their way.

All the upgrades feel really naff as well. Super Street has a great selection of different upgrades and aesthetics for your car, but in the end, it feels like just that. The spoilers you get, you’d expect each one to have it’s own stats and advantages, but they don’t. They all have the same. This is true with almost every upgrade in the game, bar the engine, which actually has a variety of engines to choose from, all with different stats.

Which leaves you wondering why you’d need to spend 1400 credits on brakes, when the 600 credit one is just as good.

Sometimes Super Street even has frame rate issues, even in areas that aren’t necessarily heavy to process. I was changing my tires in the garage and my frame rate must’ve dropped to about 15, which bugged out a little.

These little problems all mount up, leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Overall, I did not enjoy playing Super Street. With numerous issues, such as frame rate drops, clearly unfinished parts of the game and the severe grind…it made Super Street feel repetitive and without cause. Super Street doesn’t have the energy of games such as Forza or V-Rally, if anything it almost feels like Midnight Club, but its ten years too late. It’s a real shame. The only way I could’ve seen myself buying Super Street is if I had have never played a racing game before, or had any prior experience. But fortunately I do, and would recommend you take a proper look at this game before you buy it.

We would like to thank Lion Castle for providing us with the game code.

Developer: Team6 Game Studios Twitter:

Publisher: Lion Castle 

Price – £39.99

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