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Our Xbox One Review of Super Wilo Demake Have you ever wanted to mix Super Mario Land and Super Mario World? Well now you can with the newest offering from Ratalaika games. Super Wiloo boils down all the best parts of the platformer genre and gives you this in a perfect cutesy package. Super Wiloo ..

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Super Wilo Demake – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of Super Wilo Demake

Have you ever wanted to mix Super Mario Land and Super Mario World? Well now you can with the newest offering from Ratalaika games. Super Wiloo boils down all the best parts of the platformer genre and gives you this in a perfect cutesy package.

Super Wiloo Demake, follows the story of Wiloo on an adventure to save her dog from the evil DR. ETvaldo. Where I gave this story credit, is for once we are not saving a princess. We get to save a Doggo and lets be real here who amongst us would not want to save a good Dog?

The game definitely takes a lot of its inspiration from the Mario games, be that with the different upgrade suits your character can gain through the levels, or by the fact you collect three giant coins like in Super Mario World.
Thankfully unlike most copycat games these features are very well implemented and fit perfectly within the game world.

Once you start the game you are greeted with three difficulty settings Easy, Medium and Hard.
Easy: Gives you unlimited lives and the Bee suit has unlimited flying ability
Medium: Gives you unlimited lives
Hard: Gives you only 1 life (Hardcore)

Once your decision is made on the difficulty you proceed through the first level you will notice that throughout the level you collect small gold coins and the three large gold coins. These gold coins unfortunately do not add anything to the game experience and only count towards achievements and to the running rule that all Ratalaika Games must include Gold coin collecting.

The enemies just like in Mario can be defeated by jumping on their heads. This can be done quite easily as you have a lot of control over the jump and landing of your character. As the level progresses you will come across a blue orb, once touched this acts as a checkpoint and if you die you will respawn here.
Whilst most indie platformers use normal jumps over gaps and moving bridges; Super Wiloo Demake does this and adds a bit of Sonic style in there with tunnel sections where you have to be pixel perfect to jump into and out of without banging your head and falling into the myriad of pits and spikes that wait for you.
The game consists of five worlds and ten levels per world this means you need to battle your way through fifty levels whilst using all those years of platformer practice to defeat them.

One of the positives this game has is during the opening level you are given the ability to access all of the upgrade suits, meaning that by the time you need a certain suit you know exactly how to use and get the most out of it.
These suits consist of a Unicorn Suit which allows you to fire horn projectiles at enemies. Armadillo suit which lets you tuck and roll (Like in Sonic) and finally a Bee suit which lets you fly (Like the Cape in Super Mario World). Each of these suits make traversing the levels easier and harder depending on which suit you have. These suits can only deal with being hit once before they disappear in my opinion this is adds a nice difficulty even of easy and medium.
Talking about damage like most games this is a one hit death game this can be easily achieved by walking in front of an enemy or an enemy falling on your head so be quick but also careful.

To break up the platforming Super Wiloo has mini games one of these mini games is a Card matching game, you have five attempts to flip the cards and match them up. Unlucky for me just like in Super Mario 3 I am utterly terrible and failed to complete a single match up game.

On the tenth level of every world you meet the boss of the world. These characters fill about a quarter of the screen. The first boss you face is a giant frog; you must jump on his head three times to defeat him. Once he is defeated you find out he did not actually want to hurt you but was forced to by DR. ETvaldo.
Obviously like most games the bosses get progressively harder, unlike most games published by Ratalaika the difficulty curve on this games is lot less unlike games like Cybarian where its difficulty spiked from Stage 1.

Overall the graphics of Super Wiloo Demake are very vibrant and show a good nod towards those 8-16 bit games that it tries to replicate. The whole time I played I got a really strong Earthbound feel from the character design and colour pallette.
Like everything I will nitpick the enemy designs and gameplay both unfortunately get repeated far to often and after about nine levels the game really runs out and starts recycling assets which is a disappointment and something I would have personally changed.

Now for my least favourite part of Super Wiloo Demake the music. Now I will preface this by saying the song that plays is very cheerful and for the first ten minutes, I enjoyed it. But just like it is a small world from the Disney World ride this song just repeats again and again and again in an endless loop. At some points this feels almost like torture.
Gracefully they added a sound off option in the menu, I would suggest to anyone to use this!!

The controls like I said previously are excellent and really compliment the game well. You feel like you have full control of movement of the character and you never feel cheated by cheap deaths from bad jumping. You have the ability to jump and sprint this added sprint feature and the ability to double jump gives this game a leg up over other harder platformers like Ghost ‘n’ Goblins where you are more restricted.

Overall if you are looking for a fun little platformer or you are an achievement hunter I would very much recommend this game. At £4.50 it is well worth the price of admission even with that music!

Developer: lightUP
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Twitter:  @RatalaikaGames
Thanks to Ratalaika Games for the review code.

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