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Our Xbox One Review of The Walking Dead: Definitive Edition When Telltale launched their first season of The Walking Dead, it was a game that I instantly fell in love with. I loved the way they had taken the game and the approach that they had with storytelling. The first season of The Walking Dead ..

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The Walking Dead: Definitive Edition – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of The Walking Dead: Definitive Edition

When Telltale launched their first season of The Walking Dead, it was a game that I instantly fell in love with. I loved the way they had taken the game and the approach that they had with storytelling. The first season of The Walking Dead is what made me a Telltale fan, and since then, I`ve loved all their content they had created. The Wolf Among Us, the Game of Thrones season, the Batman games, Tales from the Borderlands, all of them have had a big impact on storytelling and their approach was fantastic. But the one franchise for me that has always stood out, was The Walking Dead.

Last year, the Telltale team were during the final season of The Walking Dead when the dreadful news was announced that they had ceased operation and trading. As a fan and one of my favourite game studios, I was gutted when it was announced. There had been so many titles that they had in the pipeline I was really looking forward to. None of that mattered, it`s gutting when any game studio goes under, but a studio that I held very highly was particularly devastating. There had been a lot of rumour over what would happen with the final season of The Walking Dead, whether it would be finished, or it would cease altogether after the first episodes. Thankfully, SkyBound Games, supported Telltale to finish off the final season albeit with a skeleton team, and help to finish off the story.

Let`s fast forward a year, and SkyBound Games are releasing Telltale`s work in all its glory, in The Walking Dead definitive edition, which includes all 4 seasons of The Walking Dead, and Michonne, the mini-series that focuses away from the main characters. Including a ton of other content including behind the scenes developer footage and character development, it includes a lot of fun additions that really go into the game and it becomes the ultimate edition to have. If you`re a fan of Telltale`s work then you`ve most likely already picked this up. If you`ve not played a Telltale game before, then I implore you to go and pick this up, because you`ll start to realize what you`ve missed out on. One of the best studios and set of games for awesome storytelling.

The Walking Dead focuses on the main protagonist of the franchise, Clementine, a young 8-year-old girl who starts off in the first season as a supporting character before progressing through to the central character in later seasons. After a big outbreak that has turned most living humans to Zombies, Clem comes across a range of characters and groups across the seasons, and story-driven to the way that Telltale designed, decisions are going to need to be made by yourself which`ll influence not necessarily the ultimate end goal, but will determine which characters you have good relationships with, which ones you don’t, and which ones ultimately you sentence to die.

If you`ve never played a Telltale game before, then I`ll break it down a bit for you. Their games follow a click and point style approach and rely heavily on the use of conversations between the characters to focus on the story. Conversations will give you a range of options to reply with, and these can lead to different branches and relationships between certain characters. I would say a good portion of the game, roughly around 65%, will consist of engaging in conversations with characters and watching cutscenes. When you`re not engaging in a conversation, you`ll be exploring around, picking up items that may aid you later, or looking at items that`ll give you hints on how to progress.

There`s no doubt that early on, it`s going to be an approach that some people will take some getting use to. It`s not a difficult game to pick up in terms of controls, and although walking around sometimes can take a bit of practice as controls aren’t always as good as they could be, it`s not a game that`s going to give you any real difficulty which is great. It works incredibly well.

The first few seasons have seen a few different releases on console, the first launching back on the Xbox 360, before re-releasing on Xbox One, and now, a kind-of remastered version has launched. I love the visual approach that has been taken throughout the franchise altogether, and not just TWD, but all Telltale`s franchises. The artistic feel of the game is good, and it looks better in the definitive edition. They`ve included Dynamic Lighting on some of the episodes that didn’t receive this before, and it looks good. They`ve included a few other graphical enhancements throughout the game too. It looks overall better.

The Walking Dead Definitive edition is a game that celebrates Telltale`s work they did on The Walking Dead, and for me is their standout franchise. It is the complete all-in-one package, and for any fan of the franchise, for me it`s a definite purchase. It not only gives you the chance to replay through all of the content again (And for those that like an achievement – if you play through all of the episodes and seasons you`ll earn the whole 1000g – there`s not any specific task achievements within this edition – just playing and completing it will earn you the Gamerscore) but also gives you all the behind the scenes stuff that is really cool. I really enjoyed looking at the character developments and the different designs that they were exploring before the decision was made to go with final design. I`m sometimes a little bit sceptical when it comes to releasing definitive editions, but The Walking Dead Definitive Edition has truly everything you could ask for. It`s good to see Skybound releasing and showing off the Telltale`s team work.

The Walking Dead Definitive Edition has been everything I wanted to be, and for me, will be up in my top titles for the year.

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Price: £39.99

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