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DIRTY HARRY MEETS MAGNUM P.I WITH A PORTION OF CHiPs: From developers Weappy Studios and publishers THQ Nordic, comes phenomenal cop simulator game: This is the Police 2. You play sheriff Warren Nash, a troubled policeman who helps newbie sheriff, Lilly Reed with managing her team. This is the Police 2 is a heavily narrative ..

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This is the Police 2 Xbox One Review


From developers Weappy Studios and publishers THQ Nordic, comes phenomenal cop simulator game: This is the Police 2. You play sheriff Warren Nash, a troubled policeman who helps newbie sheriff, Lilly Reed with managing her team. This is the Police 2 is a heavily narrative driven game, with some expertly designed storyboards and visuals to match with the noir like nature of the story.

Straight from the bat, Police 2 is an instant classic. In my opinion, anyway. The game doesn’t throw you into thye gameplay as quick as you’d expect, you first have to get immersed into the world you are in.

At the start of the game, there is a long introduction and I mean long. Roughly lasting about 15 maybe 20 minutes of cinematics, possibly more, which kind of ruined it a bit for me. I just wanted to play and manage the police, and even though the story is brilliant, I did just want to head straight in.

The graphics in Police 2 are oddly satisfying: the constant blend between 2D and 3D means the graphics have this very charming warmth to them. There are moments when it kind of doesn’t work, for example the way some of the characters move in the cutscenes, sometimes looks quite awkward and weird. Human movements morph into these weird shapes, but nothing looks too out of the ordinary.

The gameplay is were Police 2 shines the most. There are a range of gameplay choices Police 2 lets you play as, for example: there will be times you need to ask questions, interrogate suspects and perform raids. On top of this, you have to manage your team, who signs up for the next shift, what emergencies to respond to (and sometimes unfortunately miss) not to mention deciding the outcome of those situations. It’s jam-bloody-packed!

There are also a varied amount of calls you will get: some of the toughest situations are in the investigations you receive. You need to put your brightest officers on these cases, and will have you reading over the evidence to decide the verdict.

Sometimes you will also get raids. These are the balls-to-the wall no messing around callouts. Expect bomb threats, bank robberies and a plethora of more situations to deal with, making sure your squad is adequately suited and equipped for the job. These are hard, and I found myself getting quite frustrated at these missions as my management skills were tested. However, when you finally get to the objective, you really get that sense of achievement and accomplishment.

I had immense fun sorting out who and what my subordinates were doing, I felt like a proper police chief.

The morality of the game, however is laughably questionable at times. The way you are motivated into “doing the right thing” are by these tokens you get after every day. These beer can top tokens are rewarded to you when you catch, kill or prevent a criminal or violent situation. Most of the time, this system works quite well, and ofcourse you lose points if you miss any calls or muck up during a situation.

These tokens can then be traded for superior officers or better equipment and so can be vital for sorting out who works the next day. Not all of your officers will be able to come into work, and it’s your job to keep morale high, as officers who don’t like you…don’t wear their hats.

Some of the situations you’ll encounter are insane.

I remember I had a call about this elderly gentleman defecating at a train station and as none of the officers on duty had really any high skills, as a last resort, I used the taser gun. Unfortunately, the chap died of a cardiac arrest, feeling quite sad that this poor man died unnecessarily, I tried to think how better I could’ve handled it. After the day ended, I expected to lose some points, but to my surprise, I gained some tokens for that man’s death. I felt morally confused and decided not to question it.

It’s these little stories that make the game interesting. Every call you get, it’s like reliving an episode of Magnum P.I, swooping in to stop the crook. They’re just full of details, and provide you with options to choose from. Every situation has different ways to deal with them, and using the right officer for the right situation can mean the difference between a successful outcome or a failure.  

It’s that intricate system that really kept me playing. The story is also amazing, and when you start to unravel all the layers to it, you can’t stop.

Overall, This is the Police 2 is an outstanding game. It’s fun to micro-manage your team and it really makes you proud for when you get situations right and manage to save the day. The story is well written and in depth, with an enjoyable amount of hilarious scenes and memorable characters. You will also remember the smaller stories you encounter through the callouts, all the crimes and ways to deal with them. Sometimes they’re really silly, but the way in which you deal with an event, decides the outcome and its well worth picking up. I’d definitely recommend this to a strategy player and to a casual gamer, as Police 2 caters to both. It’s fun, small: but jam packed.

We would like to thank Dead Good Media for providing us with the game code.

Developer: Weappy Studio Twitter: @WeappyStudio

Publisher: THQ Nordic Twitter: @THQNordic

Price – £23.99


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