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Our Xbox One Review of Train Sim World 2020 Last year, we saw the release of a much-loved simulator make its way to consoles. No, not a specific title, but for those who have played any sort of train simulator on PC, were glad when it was revealed that the consoles would be getting a ..

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Train Sim World 2020 – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of Train Sim World 2020

Last year, we saw the release of a much-loved simulator make its way to consoles. No, not a specific title, but for those who have played any sort of train simulator on PC, were glad when it was revealed that the consoles would be getting a take, in the form of Train Sim World. Developed and published by Dovetail Games, you were tasked with taking on the task of driving your way through a range of different routes, and vehicles, and scenarios. Over the past 12 months, we saw new tracks and vehicles added, adding to that ever-growing variety, whilst perhaps at a premium.

This year however, sees the release of a brand new addition to the franchise, and is in the form of Train Sim World 2020. This year`s title is a bit different, and although a new standard and deluxe edition have been released, which`ll include the new content, if you are an owner of Train Sim World, then there is an update that brings your version in line with the 2020 version, but without the new track content.

So, how would Train Sim World 2020 fare? Well, if you enjoyed the first one, and the variety that came with it, then you`ll be pleased to know that the second does deliver.

Train Sim World 2020 launched a few weeks back and was released with two editions that offered near enough the same content, just with the addition of a track in the bigger bundle. For those that just want to get started with Train Sim World and invest in the standard edition, 2020 adds Long Island Rail Road, the ability to take a few different classes through the tracks of New York, Main Spessart Bahn, which will take you through the tracks and scenery of Germany, and Northern Trans-Pennine, which for the UK folk up in the Northern side of the UK, will most likely recognise. If you decide to go for the big bundle, you`ll also get access to the Peninsula Corridor, taking you on a rdie through the glorious scenery of California. If you are already a Train Sim World player, then you`ll be able to purchase the 2020 standard edition and add the tracks to your library, although this can be also be done through the store in-game.

Every track and class you`ll get to play with, you`ll be introduced a tutorial which is where you`ll get to grips with how each class and train works. It will take some practice and some time, but it`s not something that`s going to be especially difficult or challenging. I found myself struggling with some of the classes to remember the order to get the train moving and maintaining launches from stations, but I found myself playing a few tracks of the same class helped, rather than swapping between tracks and classes all the time. Each route has a variety of modes within, ranging from a tutorial mode (Which you will not want to skip – as otherwise you`ll make it incredibly difficult for yourself), scenario modes where you`ll be able to take on tasks and challenges, which I found particularly good fun, and for those what like a good journey, you also have a ton of different journeys you can play through. There`s a good variety of content in terms of it`s modes, and Dovetail have done a good job in keeping it fresh with new content.

Graphically, it`s not a game that`s going to make you wow, but I must say, I was impressed with at times how smooth the game played. Yes, at times it does lag a bit and the frames do drop quite a bit, but on straight lines, I was finding it very smooth to move the camera around and look around, where perhaps on a corner I was finding it a bit more slower. By no means though does it get bad and unbearable, and it does feel better than how the original launched, so Dovetail do appear to have worked to make it feel a bit smoother to play through.

Of course, Train Sim World is not a game that`s going to be for everyone, by no means. If you`re not a fan of these types of simulation games, then you`ll probably not even bother looking at the store page. But what you do get is a game that offers you good variety in terms of its content, and the new tracks that they`ve added are good. If you were an original Train Sim World owner, then you`ll be able to add the new tracks to your existing track library. I suppose any gripe that I had was that over the next 12 months, I`ve no doubt that extra tracks will be added and charged at a premium to be added to the game. Personally I`m not a big fan of that, and I`d have like to have seen these as free updates to those that have purchased the game, but Dovetail are not the only ones to do it with their titles, and I don’t think we`ll ever really see that change fully.

Train Sim World 2020 is a game though that does offer good variety and good enjoyment in its content, and at the standard price of £24.99 is not bad, given how much players could potentially get out of it.

I`ve quite enjoyed my time with it so far, and one that I know I`ll keep going back to!

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Developer: Dovetail Games
Publisher: Dovetail Games
Website: Train Sim World 2020
Twitter: @dovetailgames / @railsimulator

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