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VIVA LA FRANCE: From developer Polyslash and publisher Klabater, comes the awesomely deep and bureaucratically entwined role playing game, We. The Revolution. You are a judge of the Revolutionary Tribunal, in the heart of France during one of the most bloodiest periods in French history, the French Revolution. It is your job to evaluate and ..

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We. The Revolution Xbox One Review


From developer Polyslash and publisher Klabater, comes the awesomely deep and bureaucratically entwined role playing game, We. The Revolution. You are a judge of the Revolutionary Tribunal, in the heart of France during one of the most bloodiest periods in French history, the French Revolution. It is your job to evaluate and sentence suspected criminals and judge what punishment serves them best. Your decisions will either hurt or aid your reputation and you must carefully balance your favour with the Royalists or Revolutionaries. Who comes out on top? Will you sacrifice liberty? It is in your hands…

Before playing the game, you must have a general idea of how a judge/jury system works. This system is beautifully mimicked in the game and serves as the main influence over the decisions you make.

At the start, the amount of menus and icons on the screen can be overwhelming, but it is all crafted to help you scrutinize the case presented to you. When you are presented with a case, you will first want to read the Case Files, which are right in front of you on the desk. These files will present to you different pieces of information crucial to solving the case. These select pieces of info, are highlighted red and have symbols next to them. These symbols are important as they are used to interrogate the subject.

Asking your subject is the most important step in Revolution. You will need to play a small minigame, in determining what pieces of evidence and queries you can draw out from the Case File. You have a few attempts at this and if you fail, you can use your assistant’s help for a few more retries. After you have managed to find most, if not all, of the questions you need to ask, you can begin interrogating your subject.

This interrogation then leads into the next phase of the trial, the Jury’s decision. Depending on what questions you ask, depends on how the Jury will feel about the subject. The Jury must decide on what sentence to give the subject, or whether the subject is at all guilty of the crime. They must be persuaded by the questions you ask the subject.

To the top of the screen, you will see the expected sentence each faction will want you to give. If you give a faction the sentence they want, you will increase their reputation with them. This means that you must keep a good balance between either side, if you want to get out alive. It’ll be up to you to decide which path you want to go down. On top of the faction requests, you must also account for your family’s reputation of you. Yes, even your family will have an expected sentence request, meaning you have to juggle with all 3.

Your family plays a pivotal role in this game, you must adhere to their levels of satisfaction and balance their own support toward either/or faction. You have 4 family members, including your son, who must all be cared for to maintain a stable relationship with all of them.

When you have reached the end of a trial, you will then have to determine the sentence, usually the Jury have already determined it for you, depending on the types of questions you asked. It is in your best interest to side with the Jury, because if you don’t, your reputation as an honorable Judge will decrease.

Revolution lets you play how you want to play, presenting with many different factors you must take into consideration, if you want to, you can sentence a person without ever touching the case file. In fact, you even get an achievement point for it. I sentenced a man to death by just the look of him. Needless to say, that type of gameplay is reckless, but hilariously fun.

What’s good about Revolution is that there’s no real time limit for trials. This allows for calm and collective gameplay, letting you choose where and how you want to proceed. You may take as long as you like, hunting for different clues in the case file and asking various questions to certain people, there’s no rush.

If you do decide to sentence someone to death, you are present at the execution and may deliver a speech if you want to, or skip the speech and head straight to the execution. You are the one who presses the button, or pulls the rope, to release the guillotine, in the words of Ned Stark “The one who passes the sentence must swing the sword”.

It’s at moments like this, you get to see small cutscenes and really get to admire the graphics of the game, especially the horrific scenes going on around you as France inches closer to civil war. The graphics are moderately simple, yet remarkably powerful in their way in conveying a heartfelt story. The corpse filled streets that litter the cobblestones of France, really give you an eerie sensation that you could be next.

Overall, We. The Revolution is an outstanding game. It blends history and politics together, with a hint of sociology mixed in. It places you at the heart of France on the brink of Civil War and tells you stories of people and their hardships. You are tasked with judging who shall walk free or who shall die. I had an incredible amount of enjoyment playing this game, knowing that each decision could be my last, there was a constant feeling of suspense as I hovered over the sentences I was about to give. It’s an exciting game that leaves you lingering over the edge, which forces you to use your wits in order to prevent you from falling.  

Developed by: Polyslash Twitter: @Polyslasher

Published by: Klabater Twitter: @Klabater

Price – £16.74

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