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World War Z the movie was a bit of a mixed bag, it started well and kind of lost its way towards the end so I was quite interested how the licence has been used for the game. Anybody who played Left 4 Dead or its sequel will feel quite a home here, this is ..

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World War Z Review

World War Z the movie was a bit of a mixed bag, it started well and kind of lost its way towards the end so I was quite interested how the licence has been used for the game.

Anybody who played Left 4 Dead or its sequel will feel quite a home here, this is like a remake for this generation of consoles.

The game is broken down into four Episodes with a total of eleven missions across them, starting in New York you and your three companions will start the story linked across from the film, essentially each mission will run through the area giving you specific tasks to do between your team such as defending an area, turning switches on or off to open routes through the level, finding access keys on corpses and so on.

There isn’t a huge amount of variation in the tasks and you can probably predict what you are going to have to do as you work your way along but all of the tasks lead into masses of zombie slaughtering.

As per the zombies in the film these are not your common garden shamblers that you find in the majority of zombie games, these are the equivalent of Usain Bolt! They are also not is short supply either, there are hundreds of them in each level, I have many a time finished a mission having killed upwards of 500 Z’s.

There is a good deal of satisfaction in taking down a huge swarm of zombies and a huge amount of satisfaction when you throw a grenade into a huge crowd of them and bodies fly everywhere.

The game offers you a co-op online or offline experience and the offline game gives you three AI companions to play with, they are surprisingly decent to play with even if they do tend to stick to the basics, they don’t tend to stray to far away from each other and leave you to make the decisions on where the group are going or what you are doing.

They do tend to get in the way quite a bit and then complain a lot when they get shot by friendly fire.

There are five classes of character to choose from, Gunslinger, Slasher, Fixer, Medic and Exterminator, each class has a number of upgrades to be earnt  and chosen from a skill tree as you play through the levels, this is where the characters start to take a little bit a slight turn away from each other as initially there doesn’t seem to be huge amount of difference between them,  as you choose your upgrades you can then feel the differences a bit more.

As you play through the levels you will earn experience points for the weapons you use and unlock different weapon options too.

Overall the upgrade trees seem slightly bland though and although there are a lot of options this alone wont be enough to keep you playing through the levels just to earn the upgrades, what will keep you playing though is if you play the game in co-op with a few friends because that is where the game really shines.

The inevitable comparisons between this and the Left 4 Dead series show how enjoyable the experience really is, in that it is a favourable comparison, anyone who had fun playing the Valve’s series will likely get a fair amount of enjoyment out of this even if it ends up being just a few rounds of Zombie slaughter with your buddies at a time.

Graphically this isn’t the greatest looking game, the animation can sometimes look a bit jerky and janky but the heart of the game makes you forgive it and you’ll stop paying attention when you concentrate on the hordes all coming to rip you to shreds.

The variation of the levels will eventually become tiresome but with other modes supposedly being added in the future such as a Zombie swarm survival mode hopefully that will get a little attention.

Overall I would recommend this as a fun experience, the storyline will play out in about 6-7 hours but the real enjoyment comes from the Co-op mode so grab your buddies and get slaughtering those Z’s

Developer:         Saber Interactive
Publisher:           Mad Dog Games
Price:                  £34.99
Twitter:              @TweetsSaber @wwzthegame

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